Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tov Mongolia

We had a break from the train. They bused us up into the mountains and we got to stay in Yurts. The real deal. Everyone had their own yurt. There was a little fireplace in side of them to keep us warm. A man came in at 4 am to light them to warm up for morning. It was cold and I did not care that a man came in with out knocking. 

 Jeff in his cozy little bed. 
 Fluffy gathered cute little flowers int he morning for us. Don't knock traveling with a dinosaur. 

 There were camels near our yurt. In the morning the cuckoo birds were singing just like a cuckoo clock. It was fun to hear them. 

 We visited a real yurt that a family lived in. The whole thing was the size of my kitchen. It was clean and neat. 

 The children learn to ride horses very young. 
 We stopped here to see the turtle shaped mountain. 


 We had a show that was typical Mongolian things. The wrestlers went first. 
 That was followed by horse riding. We headed back to the buses after the shows knowing so much more about Mongolia. 

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