Saturday, April 15, 2017

I woke up early in the morning and discovered that April was going into labor. I saw the sac pop out and then two little feet and legs. 
      The zoo keepers and vets came out and added padding to the floor for the baby about to be born.  
 I watched it all from my snug bed. 
 The baby would kick it's legs while waiting to be born. 
The head is now making it's appearance.
 Finally a little boy giraffe was born. He was strong and healthy. 
 Oliver and April checking out the newborn. 

 The zoo crew looking at the new little addition to the zoo. They took such good care of April. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hanging out in St George for Spring Break

We had a crowd for spring break this year. It was a revolving door of kids and grand kids. Magan, Eric and Grace showed up first. The next day Leslie, Ella and Edie came. Then the next day it was Andy, Lynne, Christian, Isaac, Addie, Ava, Jake and Stockton. Finally Rachel, Todd, Ana, Lily and Jack. 
 We had a variety of things planned but the kids just wanted to swim and hang out at the house. 

 A little storm blew in. It was like a hurricane. Andy and family left during it and had a rough ride home back to Ogden. 
 Ana aka Betty made crepes for the crowd. Cute little cook. 
 There was a nightly Scum game. It got a little wild at times. 
 We took out the grass this year. We love the concrete deck. No more bunnies ruining the back yard. 
 Fluffy getting snuggles from Edie.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Winter hiking in St George

Beautiful morning hike in the desert. 
 Fluffy got to go up on the trail. Great views from Shinobe in the middle of St George. 
 This was interesting. A huge concrete arrow. It used to be for the mail route across the United States. Back before they had radio in airplanes or GPS. SO the pilot followed the arrows which were spaced every ten miles. They were from coast to coast. 
 We took a little break at the top. Charlene and Gary and Paula Cooper. 
 I am amazed at how many airplanes fly over St George. 

 Just look at all the fun people hiking today. 

 Such a perfect back drop for family pictures. 

 Lily and Stockton in the red rocks. 

 Pat and Jen 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I confess I have been doing the labor watch on April the Giraffe

April is a 15 year old giraffe who supposedly is having a baby any day. I have been watching for two weeks now. No baby yet. 
 It is a cold winter in New York so she mostly stays in side where it is warm. Sh likes to look outside occasionally. 
 She has been well taken care of. Lovingly taken care of. The zoo keepers and the vet check on her often. She likes to get kisses. 
 April has OB checks twice day. 

 She loves to throw her hay around. As soon as they put it in the basket she starts tossing it around her kennel. She eventually eats it off the floor. 

 The Daddy giraffe is named Oliver. They stay in side by side stalls. Occasionally they let them get together. But they say he is only interested in one thing so mostly he is in time out. 

 April loves to get treats such as lettuce and carrots. 

 The other day I looked in and they were deep cleaning her stall. 
 It shouldn't be too long until baby giraffe comes out. All 150 pounds of it.