Sunday, March 04, 2018

St George fun!

Lynne came to St George without any kids!  So we played!
 We had a rainy day and so headed to the movie. Fluffy got to come and she loved The Greatest Showman. 
 Next we went to the dinosaur museum in St George. It was pretty interesting and guess who liked it the most. 

 Lily went with us for ten days. She had a lot of home work to do but she fit in some hiking with her Grandma. What do you think? Twins???

 Jeff oiled with his drone. He got some good shots of the house and is slowly braving flying it out on the desert. 

 Some if our good friends came down and we snuck off to Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun. We went to 
the Donny and Marie show. Rode on the big Ferris wheel at night. The views were amazing. Mendenhalls, Virgin's, Websters and Evan's. 
 Dinner at Morton's was over the top. They celebrated my birthday. It was so good and so fun. 
 Hiking in St George and Las Vegas was great. 
 Jeff guarded the car while we hiked. Thanks Jeff. Oh and look how cute he looked while guarding the car. We hiked around in Red Rocks Park. 

 Flying back to Idaho we fly right over our house. I am amazed at what good pictures you can take from an airplane with an iPhone. 

January 2018 off to a good start

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. New Years Day we took a drive over to Jackson Hole. It was a cold but beautiful day. 
 This is one way to ride a snow mobile. 

 The deer came and finished off all of the remaining apples in the back yard. 
 Leslie cleaned out her room in readiness for the big move. She couldn't let her Mousy baby go. I wish I had a picture of creepy baby (Gerber baby who's eyes went crazy scary). She snuck home and showed up in Leslie's house. HAHAHAHA!
 I taught the grand daughters how to bullet journal. That is one of my favorite things to do lately. They all seem to be taking after me and love theirs.They are pretty good at it. 
 This last year I have had the good fortune to have two grandchildren live with. me. Christian and Lily love getting together for any meals. Well unless it is Curry squash soup. So I made up for it with mashed potatoes and gravy. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Goodbye 2017

There has not been much of a winter so far. The snow for skiing has been sketchy. However I went up to Bear Gulch/Mesa Falls to cross country ski.It was a fun little trip. 

 This winter we have had a little herd of deer that frequent the back yard. They come often in the night when everyone is asleep. 
 Driving over the Jackson Pass we followed this group who did not let a minute waste for adventure. 
 The Tetons are always amazing. 

 Our new house is progressing.You have to dress really warm to go out and check on it. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

Back in time for Christmas

The warm temps of South America are long gone. We are back to the reality of winter in Rexburg. 
 There are now windows in the house. 

 The Young Women had a Christmas party. We made fun Nativity sets and then went caroling. We ended up at the Kerr's. It was a fun time singing carols, a solo from Aliana and her Dad and then a hot chocolate bar. 

 Christmas Eve found us in Salt Lake. We shared chocolates with everyone as we made our way to every body's homes. We went to Church at Pat's before visiting his house and eating up all of their snacks. Then on to Beth's house for more snacks and visiting with her family and Mike and Julie. 

 We ended up at Lauren and Rob's for Christmas Eve movies and dinner. We got up in the morning to open gifts and then headed back to Rexburg for Star Wars and pizza. Merry Christmas!!!

Another trip to South America, this time Peru

Next we headed off to Peru to do HBB and HMS training. Again we had a great little group traveling to do training with us. We first went to Huacho which is on the coast.

 The food is very good in Peru. We just avoid raw produce and water. 
 Our team included Elder and Sister Henrie. They did so much to make this a success. 
 We saw a man doing knife sharpening on his little mobile work station. 

 Next we flew to Cajamarca. It is at 9000 feet elevation. Cajamarca is a beautiful city known for its cheese and dairy products. 

 Many of the women in Cajamarca wear these hats. 

 The training again went very well. The participants and the team were so good to work with. 
 Before flying out we had time do some looking around. We climbed the stairs up the mountain and there were great views of the valley. 

 Fluffy on her first Llama ride. 

 Jeff and Flint Porter in Peruvian costumes. 

 We visited the place where the Inca ruler filled a room with gold and silver for the Spaniards. They however killed him anyway. 
 This was taken in an old maternity hospital now a museum. Woman stayed in this cubicle. They hold onto the rope when delivering while standing up. 
 There was a mummified baby in a pot. 

 Cajamarca is a wonderful city with nice people. They are famous also for the long horns that they use. I found a nativity with one in it.