Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January .... still.

 Look at cute Ella. She is going up. I gave a necklace as one of the 12 days of Christmas. It is one that my friend made. She found a rock and bingo made a necklace. Ella likes it. 
 This picture of the car sums it up. Cold and dreary winter. 
 Jeff is changing out all of the lights. He had to get up on ether bed so we tore it apart. I worked in the ER for a long time. This is the kind of things people do that lands them in the ER. 
While out cross country skiing we ran into lots of these tracks. I think it is a really big cat. 

 Here is Christian's fish. He named it French Fry. I inherited 
French Fry when Christian moved. He does like me a lot. He comes running whenever I walk into the kitchen. 
I went to Eagle to babysit for the Clark kids. I did not get a picture of everyone. Just a few of me and Stockton. 
 The weather was awesome. We stayed home pretty much because going out with Stockton was challenging. We had a few adventures. 
 This was lunch. The apple pie counts as fruit. 
 The temps this morning were very cold and I ended up covered in frost. Have I mentioned that I love summer? Well I do. 

I think it is winter out there! Welcome to 2019

It is definitely winter around here. I walk every morning despite the weather which lately is always tough. It is cold, snowy and most mornings it wold be nice to stay in my warm bed. But out we go. We have walked in near blizzard conditions. I am always glad when I get back home that I went. 

 Many mornings the scenery we get to see makes it worth going out. 

  I do have to wear cleats on my boots. It is icy and snowy. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Christmas is coming and so is the cross country skiing. 

We had a Christmas Party with friends at Walters. The food was amazing. It was such a beautiful setting with all of the Holiday touches. 
Our Christmas flower from Marilyn Beech was so beautiful. It bloomed such huge white flowers. It finally fell over from the weight. I cut the blooms and it continued to bloom until the end of January. 

On the weekend before Christmas we dashed over to Boise after Jeff worked in the office until noon. We had a Christmas party with Clark's, Baldwins and Hurst's. Everyone opened their gifts which is a trip to Newport Beach for everyone. It will be all inclusive. It will be so much fun. 

Lauren and Rachel face timed in to the party. 

 Three days later Jeff worked Christmas Eve in the office until noon. We drove to Idaho Falls to catch out plane to St George for Christmas Eve and stay until January 2nd. Alas we missed our connection in Salt Lake City because the person in IF could not correctly deice the plane. We were stranded in SLC with out our luggage or a car. So we called Rachel to come and pick us up. We decided to go get a nice Christmas Eve meal but everything was closed. So we went to Little America. We ate at the counter because there was a couple of hours wait for a table. It was fun. Rachel shocked us and ordered a Rubin sandwich. She then took us to get some toothbrushes and deodorant. We visited everyone Christmas morning. Headed back to the airport in the late afternoon to catch our flight to St George finally. Crazy Christmas. We were pretty stressed at first but all was well in the end. 

Merry Christmas!

 The first day in St George was warm enough to eat outside but after that it got pretty cold. 
 There was ice around the pool. 
 There was lots of snow on the mountains. 

We made trip to Las Vegas with Byron and Diana to see the Mob Museum. It was very interesting with all sorts of things related to the Mob. Another year has passed. We went back to Idaho where it was very cold and wintry. Happy New Year! 

Lazy fun filled days on Kauai

 We had to have an adventure s we did a hike and kayak trip. We kayaked out to the hiking trail. It had been raining and they warned us that it would be very muddy. It was very muddy. Up to our ankles at times muddy. Slippery muddy. 

Kelly and Julie Summers joined us. We had a great day. 

We had to cross the stream holding onto the chain. It was tricky because of all of the rocks in the stream. I wonder how many people fall down.

The prize at the end is Secret Falls. They were worth the hike in to see them. We had to leave Jeff part way back because we did not want him to slip and fall in the slippery mud and hurt his knees or back. We paddled around some more in the kayaks and then went to get some lunch at Bubba's Burgers, 

 Waterfalls were on our list everyday. They were good because of the recent rains. 

 It was a very restful trip. Watching movies, shopping, eating, beaches and drives to beautiful places. 
We rented golf clubs and had another fun day. 

 The skies opened up while we were at dinner in an outdoors setting. We had to wait to get our car because it was raining so hard. Like cats and dogs hard. 
 Our traditional dinner at Dukes on our way to the airport. We watched a cruise ship pulling out of the little bay from our table.