Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hiking on Kauai is worth the effort

Our morning trip out to the beach never disappoints. We see seals, whales, birds turtles and the always present chickens and roosters. 
 Spent the morning looking around Poipu area and hiking one of my favorite little hikes along the coast. Beautiful views and some fun things along the way. 
 In Boise they had terrible weather while we were gone. That meant that Grace did not miss the whole week of school. 
 Jeff standing over the blow hole along the trail. Just cooling off. 

 We found a little shack on a secluded beach. It made me think of castaway. Does this mean that I need to change Fluffy's name to Wilson? 

 The sunsets were also unbelievably beautiful. 
 Our next hiking day was up on the North Shore. Baldwins went on it and I went on a smaller one with Jeff. Everyone had marvelous views and a fun time.

 This was the first time we ran into wild pigs or boars. 
 Not only did we luck out with great weather. There was no rain. There was no wind. The temps were in the low 80's. We also had a full moon. It could not have been better. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kauai 2017

Winter 2017 started out with a bang. Bitter cold and tons of snow for the entire west. It got old really fast. We had no idea when we booked our trip to Hawaii that it would be the coldest snowiest week in years. When we drove to the airport it was mighty cold. We figure there was at least a 100 degree difference between Rexburg and Kauai. 
 We had a lay over in Honolulu. Our flight in there was so fun. The plane flew around the Island and the flight attendant gave a nice commentary on what we were seeing below. Diamond Head view was a amazing. 

 We love to get up early and see the sunrise. The seals come out of the water to sleep on the beach. 

 Sunday we went to Church and then headed for a drive up Waimea Canyon. Every year that we go there it is fogged in and you cannot see the views. This day was perfect and we had a great day looking at all of the overlooks. The Baldwins were able to come with us this year. We had a great time. 
 Fluffy was as excited as we were to see all of the sites. 

 Fluffy chasing chickens and roosters. 

 Fluffy was intrigued by the fat that Jurassic Park was filmed on the Island of Kauai. We re enacted some scenes. 
 Meanwhile back in Idaho the winter struggle continued. Andy shoveled part of his roof and minutes later it collapsed under the weight of snow and ice. I love storms but very happy to be where it is warm and sunny this week. 

Monday, January 02, 2017

Early birthday party for me and a baby eagle!

While in Salt Lake City to return some Christmas things we had dinner with Beth, Gary, Pat, Jen, Julie, Amber, Jonah and Josh. They surprised me with a piece of Birthday Cake and a song. How sweet of them. 

 Speaking of birthdays I have been watching an eagles nest on line. Here is the first little eaglet. Hard to believe that it can survive with a Mommy's claw like that taking care of it. 
Happy New Year!!!

It's a wrap on 2016

It has been an exceptionally snowy December. It snows all the time. SO far no wind which is unheard of in Rexburg. Those students coming back are in for a big surprise when they go to find their cars. 

 The good news about all of the snow is that the skiing is perfect. I made it out when the sun came out. It was beautiful and it felt so good. 
 If you look really close you can see the Temple up on the hill. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen and eating. So many yummy things. 
 It snowed the entire Christmas weekend. 

 Crazy Christmas selfie. 
 We went to Church on Christmas morning. People were getting stuck in all of the snow. If the wind ever shows up we will be in a real mess. So far so good.