Sunday, March 12, 2017

I confess I have been doing the labor watch on April the Giraffe

April is a 15 year old giraffe who supposedly is having a baby any day. I have been watching for two weeks now. No baby yet. 
 It is a cold winter in New York so she mostly stays in side where it is warm. Sh likes to look outside occasionally. 
 She has been well taken care of. Lovingly taken care of. The zoo keepers and the vet check on her often. She likes to get kisses. 
 April has OB checks twice day. 

 She loves to throw her hay around. As soon as they put it in the basket she starts tossing it around her kennel. She eventually eats it off the floor. 

 The Daddy giraffe is named Oliver. They stay in side by side stalls. Occasionally they let them get together. But they say he is only interested in one thing so mostly he is in time out. 

 April loves to get treats such as lettuce and carrots. 

 The other day I looked in and they were deep cleaning her stall. 
 It shouldn't be too long until baby giraffe comes out. All 150 pounds of it. 

Sunday, March 05, 2017

The longest winter I remember

It has been a long cold snowy winter. We did get to cross country ski for a while but lots of snow melted. Not enough to go away just enough to not be able to ski any longer. The roads remain icy so no getting out. I am in a downer. I need some warm sunshine. We did escape to St George for 10 days. It was not very warm but we did get out a little bit. We also got to go to the Parade of Homes and some really interesting houses. 
 Somebody dumped their couch on the lot behind our house. It made for a very ugly view out of the windows. Fortunately someone came and got it and hauled it off. 

 I spend time in front of the TV working on my bullet journal. Keeps me on track. I am loving it. 
 Jeff photo bombed by an polar bear at the Parade of Homes. Second biggest one in the world. 
 I finally finished my valance in the laundry room. Kind of funky but I like it. 
 We did a fun bike ride. We saw more homes including this man cave. 

 We did a day trip up to West Yellowstone. So much snow up there. I predict lots of water will be flooding Idaho. Spring and summer cannot come soon enough for me. Cabin fever is raging. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

It is a real wild west winter this year

Winter came in with a bang this year. It has been very cold with lots of sub zero temperatures and tons of snow. We have been cross country skiing as much as we can. It has been very beautiful. Swans, moose, owls, muskrats are often sited along the river. 
 Snow removal early in the mornings. 

Randy has worked for years keeping the trails perfect for skiing. He was out today. The moose then follow up and walk and poop on them. 

 12 feet of snow out in front of my house. It is crazy. If the wind ever blows we will be buried alive. We may be shoveling until July. 

Inauguration Day

The United States is in turmoil. The news media cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything any more. The country is divided on  many accounts. They already were but it is getting more vocal. I am writing this post because it will go in my printed history books. I am proud to be an American. I do not believe things are anywhere near as bad as the press would have you believe. I am going to hold out for a good while before I judge. I believe we need big changes and I am hopeful that they will happen. I will try to be my best in the meantime. 
 Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing. 

A little more from Kauai

It is hard to imagine a scene so beautiful. The turquoise water and sunshine are so calming. 
 Hiking along the cliff over ocean. 
 Grace and Grandpa at the Hyatt Hotel. 
 We were all smiles at the golf course. Warm sun and gentle breeze made for a perfect golf game. 

 It is so easy to spend time at the beach just looking at the ocean. In the evening a nice fire to sit by.
 Some of the tropical plants were just the right size for Fluffy to hang out underneath. 
 A parting picture of our condo on Poipu Beach. So sad to close the door and leave Kauai.