Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eclipse count down

The guests have been arriving. The food is ready and the party is beginning. The weather during this week was perfect. We were able to spend all of the time outside on the deck. 
 The house was full. Isaac chose to sleep in the trees. 
 We ate a lot of good food. I did it Girls Camp style. 

 Stockton had his first birthday during the gathering. Luckily he had his cake out on the lawn. 
 He was generous and shared it with me. 

 Yoga in the morning. So many fun things going on every where that you look. 
 Everyone ordered eclipse shirts. 

 Fluffy got to meet some new friends. 

August preparing for an eclipse

There is an eclipse coming. I worked hard getting everything ready for all the people planning to come to see it. My yard is in tip top shape. 

 Walking in the morning I try to fathom what it will be like, Where will the sun be during the eclipse?
 It looks like this is the very place the sun will be during the eclipse. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

August arrives and is just what summer should be

My morning walks are so great. I get to see the sun rise in beautiful colors. I am tracking the sun wondering where it will be for the Total Eclipse. 
 Jeff had a birthday. At the last minute I invited a few friends. I had this fabulous cake made for him. Can you believe all of the detail? 

 Happy Birthday to the greatest guy ever!
 Cameron and Shara stopped in on a break from their world travels. 

 I just love summer. Did I tell you that I love summer? 

 I am watching the weather very closely. Will we have good weather for the eclipse? It is looking good. I have 35 people coming for it. 

July never lasts long enough

July flew by. The weather is glorious. We have been looking around for a lot to build a smaller house on. We drive around lots of evenings. This lot caught my eye. Really caught my eye. We bought it. It is across the pond. 
 We traveled nearly every weekend for two months. Grand kids graduating and family events. We went to Sun Valley for the weekend. Ruth Ginsberg was there also. She had lots of body guards. 
 We are planning on a simple yard in our new place but these little gardens around trees are very fun. 

 We were able to do a little golfing. We also went to the Ice Show. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Summer time is a wonderful time.

Our missionary friends from Argentina stopped by to say hi. Robin and Bill are such great people. 

 The Blue Angels flew into Idaho Falls and put on a great show. I just love watching them. 
 I did a little hike up Teton Canyon with Kathy and Brenda. The flowers were so gorgeous. It was a beautiful hike with fun friends. 

 Lunch was by the creek.