Sunday, November 27, 2016

Traveling with a dinosaur named Fluffy

 I looked out the window at about 4 am. Perfect opportunity to pose Fluffy snacking on the full moon. We are headed to Argentina.
 Fluffy travels in the carry on bag. She hangs out in comfort. 

 The mall in Buenos Aires is pretty spectacular. The ceiling is worth going to see. 

 Politics everywhere. 
 I love the old churches and cathedrals. The paintings of the Stations of the Cross were really nice. 
 We like to do the trainings in LDS Churches. They have everything we need like tables and chairs, clean bathrooms. 

 Traveling through Paraguay we stopped in a little German Village. They had some nice woven things for sale. We watched them making bed spreads on a loom. 

 Fluffy likes to be in the middle of everything. 

 The team that came with us to Paraguay. Laura, the Wolds, Mark and Gustavo. 
 Chipas are my favorite thing to eat in Paraguay. Here is how they sell them on the streets. 

 A very old pharmacy still operating. It is full of beautiful things, not to mention medications. 

Wintery fun

Cross country skiing at the golf course. It is well groomed. It is beautiful and it helps keep our sanity during the long cold Idaho winters. 

 Wearing our cold killer pants. Best pants ever for a cold day. 
 Clark's and the Jones joined us in St George for Easter weekend. We had quite the Easter egg hunt while we were there. 

 One of my winter projects is to clean up and dejunk in the basement. I have a lot to do. It might have to wait until next winter. 
 My is dry and one is soaking wet. 
 The boys at Dinner Club. Quite the dapper bunch of guys. 

Disneyland and St George

The tea cups ready to take off. 

 Jake and Fluffy looking into the mouth of a really big whale. 
 It's a Small World broke down just as we were to enter it. Stuck out in the hot sun. In the hot sun with the It's a Small World Music playing!

 All Jake wanted was some cotton candy. 
 They had all ganged up on Grandma Mary. She got soaked. 

 There is no place like St George for making  memories. 

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Disneyland with the Clark's and the Hurst's. It was very warm and very crowded being spring break. It was also very fun. The teacups were wild with these kids. They had me spinning.
 Look who came with us. Fluffy met Mickey. 

 We rode on the river and the kids made sure that I got soaked. Good thing it was a hot day. 
 Lynne is expecting baby number 6. She was a trouper and came even though she has been very sick. She rode around in a motor wheel chair. It sometimes got us to the front of the line. 
 We all flew to St George after a couple of days at Disney Land. It was beautiful weather and we had a nice time. Winter is nearly over. This was a nice winter break. 
 Can't wait to meet the little guy who came with us to Disneyland. 

A little more winter fun

I found this fabulous copper topped table that was made in Mexico. 
 Fluffy spent Valentines Day in St George. We had a nice weekend. 
 Edie took to flying in her dance class. Such a beautiful leap she took. 
 All of these years we have been going to Chiz. Sometimes every week. It was such a sad day when they decided to close their doors. We made our last trip to Chiz on a cold winter day. We will always miss this place. Where everyone knows your name!
 Mitch and Leslie moved the lab into a new building close to home. Fluffy liked seeing all the things they do there. 
 Ducks moved into the pool. I thought they were cute until I saw what a mess they can make. I mean the mess they do make. Luckily we bought a whirly thing to put up in the yard and they moved to the neighbors pool just in time to have 12 little ducklings.