Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Birthday for a 60 year old.

For my 6oth birthday the girls that were able to came to St George. We had a great time. I rode the shuttle to SLC on terrible roads. I met up with Lauren and Rachel at the airport and we flew on down to St George. Magan and Leslie had plane problems so did not make it onto our flight. 

 I have always wondered about these paintings on the ground that look 3-D. They actually really do if you stand just right. We looked around in Kayente in the artisans shops. 
  In Snow Canyon there are petrified dunes that are so fun to hike on. We spent a couple of hours hiking around and enjoying the beautiful scenary. It was a nice day. 

Las Vegas is close so we went down for a little shopping and fun. 

 Hanging out in the house was a lot of fun. We watched TV and ate good food. It was a great time. 

 Everyone agreed we need to do it again next year during the Parade of Homes. 

Another year. Welcome 2016

One of our favorite things when we go to St George is to get an Orange Leaf drink. Double pearls for me because I love to chew my drinks. 
 The house we are building to sell is coming along. Nothing like doing construction in Idaho during the winter!
 Happy Birthday to me! The kids went in together and got me my own American Girl doll and some of the cutest clothes. I love her!

 If you have to be in Idaho during the winter you might as well find a way to enjoy it. I head out to yhe gold course and cross country ski. It is really beautiful out there. It is also a great work out. You just have to keep an eye out for moose. 

 Snow is a pain to shovel so we have someone do it for us now. Looks like we are in for a snowy winter this year. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

December 2015 is finally here.

Fluffy looks like she is playing like she is sick but seriously she is at the hospital with Jeff. He had a heart attack. He is doing better but it was not a fun thing to go through. 
 Well look at this. Fluffy had little babies. Magan and I had a blast posing Mom and babies. They are all going to the kids for the twelve days of Christmas. I am feeling pretty clever. I put out a month of clues but nobody caught on until the end of the clues. Ha ha. 

 Our annual bon fire out back to burn yard debris looked pretty spectacular from the house. 

 We had Christmas in St George. Jeff took two weeks off to recover and rest up. Matt and family came down Christmas Eve and we had a nice time. 
 Best Christmas eve story ever. Jeff was a waiting for the UPS truck to come and deliver his Christmas ham. at 9 pm they had not made it yet. They finally came but did not leave a package. SO he chased the truck down. He asked where his ham was. They said they had delivered it. SO we went back and he checked at the neighbors. They came to the door dressed as elves. They did have the ham. Christmas Eve was saved in the nick of time. The ham was good by the way. 

 We went looking at Cristmas lights. We found some amazing light displays in St George. 
 ON New Years Eve we went to Mesquite to golf with the Walters. It was a cold but beautiful day. We golfed and Wolfe Creek and then had a nice dinner there. Happy New Year to all. We are hoping for a medical free year in 2016. 

 It is hard to make the shift from sunny St George to cold snowy Idaho. 

It is November and 2015 is on it's way out!

Winter is getting close. Fluffy likes the hat she got in Peru. Little Peruvian Dinosaur she is. 
 I am building a house. A little house for people sizing down. They dug the hole and are pouring the footings. This is going to be fun. 
 This looks like poinsetta but it is actuall the burning bush in my front yard. It is a pretty setting for the Temple. 
 A full moon makes another pretty setting. 
 The colors this fall are the best I have ever seen. Looking out of my window this looked like pure gold shimmering on the trees. 
 We did it. Fluffy got in on the signing party. 
 It was a fun trip to Boise. The kids all joined us for lunch. We are a crowd anywhere we go now. 
 It had bben many years since I saw Chad. He lived with us many years ago. It was fun to see him and catch up. 
 I am serving as the Young Womens President. I love the calling andd all of the Young Women that i get to serve and spend time with. I also love all of the ladies who are in the Presidency and advisors. 
 Fluffy has a growing wardrobe. It gets cold here and she is prepared. 
 This little wagon showed up and a bunch of us skipped out of work to take a little ride on it. 
 The Laurels came to learn how to make pies. We had an awesome time. The pies were good and they all got to make one to take home. 

Peru trip for NRT October 2015

Off to Peru to teach NRT. Fluffy is an International Dinosaur. 
 We stayed the night at the airport. Over the years I have been so mesmerized by the awful art in this Hotel. Most people staying here are headed to Machu Picchu. Finally I saw a painting that the famous mountain in it. Still ugly. Migraine headache ugly. 
 Heading to Iquitos. That is the Amazon River below us. 
 It is definitely the Amazon jungle. Iquitos is a hot place that is mostly on stilts or logs under the homes so they can float when needed. 

 The kids play soccer when the river recedes. 
 We took a little boat ride out onto the Amazon to a restaurant. 
 The entrance to the boat shuttle is down a long stairway with mud stone steps. 
 The Merrill's are the Humanitarian Missionaries in Peru. We loved working with them. They have a great calling. 
 The trainings went well. 

 It was so hot. I sat with my feet in the pool. Fluffy joined me. 
 We took a little ride to a chocolate factory. It was down a dirt road in the jungle. The chocolate was very very good. We took a tour of the factory. 

 Jeff carrying all the chocolate up the dirt road. 

 In Lima we went to Jeff's favorite place to eat. The burger folks had a burger with onion rings on it. I had macaroni and cheese. No burgers for me.