Sunday, April 29, 2018

The end of skiing at the Golf Course for this year

We went skiing partly on grass. This will be the end of our ski days on the golf course. 

 We did go up to Harriman where there was still plenty of snow. It was a perfect day. 

Logandale riding

On elf our favorite places to ride the RZR is in Logandale. Pink sand and beautiful scenery. 
 I am a chicken as you can see I am out of the RZR taking pictures. 

 We had a fun group of people. We rode to Overton and had lunch and then returned. 

 I am a helmet person. 

So much winter fun in the sun.

Winter in St George can be cool but still warm enough to be out enjoying all the great things there are to see. We hiked up into Silver Reef and saw some of the old mines. 

 Fluffy and Sandy posing on the rocks. 
 Girls weekend was a smashing success. Beth and Susan joined Rachel Leslie and I for some Yoga training by Rachel. 
 Rachel missed her plane and had to come the next night. We made a really big deal at the airport. I think. she wanted to go back and get on the plane again. 

 We got up early every morning and did some Yoga instruction. It was pretty fun. 
 Just a funny t-shirt we saw. I should get one of these. 
 We spent some time in Snow Canyon which is one of my favorite places to go look around. It is so beautiful there. 

 I love this picture of Rachel. Love!

 We also hiked up the hill behind our house. It was a beautiful day. What a fun weekend. The company, the food, the activities were all perfect. Love these ladies. 

 We hiked up the Shinob mountain. Steep but worth the effort. 

Quick little trip to Mesa Arizona

I got to go to Mesa Arizona for a quick couple of days. I went with Sandy.We stayed at her Mom's house. We had a very nice time. They were great hostesses. I spoke at a Woman's conference but got to do some fun things also. Marilyn Beech was my first stop. She was recovering from a broken arm. It was so good to see her. 
 These cactus were something new for me. I was in awe over them. 
 We hiked in the Arizona sunshine. It was so great to be out. It was also a beautiful hike with a nice group of ladies. 

 Shan came to hear me speak. She is an awesome friend. 

Sunday, March 04, 2018

St George fun!

Lynne came to St George without any kids!  So we played!
 We had a rainy day and so headed to the movie. Fluffy got to come and she loved The Greatest Showman. 
 Next we went to the dinosaur museum in St George. It was pretty interesting and guess who liked it the most. 

 Lily went with us for ten days. She had a lot of home work to do but she fit in some hiking with her Grandma. What do you think? Twins???

 Jeff oiled with his drone. He got some good shots of the house and is slowly braving flying it out on the desert. 

 Some if our good friends came down and we snuck off to Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun. We went to 
the Donny and Marie show. Rode on the big Ferris wheel at night. The views were amazing. Mendenhalls, Virgin's, Websters and Evan's. 
 Dinner at Morton's was over the top. They celebrated my birthday. It was so good and so fun. 
 Hiking in St George and Las Vegas was great. 
 Jeff guarded the car while we hiked. Thanks Jeff. Oh and look how cute he looked while guarding the car. We hiked around in Red Rocks Park. 

 Flying back to Idaho we fly right over our house. I am amazed at what good pictures you can take from an airplane with an iPhone.