Thursday, October 06, 2016

Disneyland with the Clark's and the Hurst's. It was very warm and very crowded being spring break. It was also very fun. The teacups were wild with these kids. They had me spinning.
 Look who came with us. Fluffy met Mickey. 

 We rode on the river and the kids made sure that I got soaked. Good thing it was a hot day. 
 Lynne is expecting baby number 6. She was a trouper and came even though she has been very sick. She rode around in a motor wheel chair. It sometimes got us to the front of the line. 
 We all flew to St George after a couple of days at Disney Land. It was beautiful weather and we had a nice time. Winter is nearly over. This was a nice winter break. 
 Can't wait to meet the little guy who came with us to Disneyland. 

A little more winter fun

I found this fabulous copper topped table that was made in Mexico. 
 Fluffy spent Valentines Day in St George. We had a nice weekend. 
 Edie took to flying in her dance class. Such a beautiful leap she took. 
 All of these years we have been going to Chiz. Sometimes every week. It was such a sad day when they decided to close their doors. We made our last trip to Chiz on a cold winter day. We will always miss this place. Where everyone knows your name!
 Mitch and Leslie moved the lab into a new building close to home. Fluffy liked seeing all the things they do there. 
 Ducks moved into the pool. I thought they were cute until I saw what a mess they can make. I mean the mess they do make. Luckily we bought a whirly thing to put up in the yard and they moved to the neighbors pool just in time to have 12 little ducklings. 

What can you do in Idaho in the winter?

Winter is cold. You can be a hermit or get out and enjoy all that snow. 

 Snow is beautiful when it piles up. It is a nice day to sit by the fire. 
 The owls are mating. They sit and hoot love songs all night long. 
 Cross country skiing is the best. We go a lot out to the golf course. It is a great work out and a lot of fun. The moose share the course with the skiers. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Birthday for a 60 year old.

For my 6oth birthday the girls that were able to came to St George. We had a great time. I rode the shuttle to SLC on terrible roads. I met up with Lauren and Rachel at the airport and we flew on down to St George. Magan and Leslie had plane problems so did not make it onto our flight. 

 I have always wondered about these paintings on the ground that look 3-D. They actually really do if you stand just right. We looked around in Kayente in the artisans shops. 
  In Snow Canyon there are petrified dunes that are so fun to hike on. We spent a couple of hours hiking around and enjoying the beautiful scenary. It was a nice day. 

Las Vegas is close so we went down for a little shopping and fun. 

 Hanging out in the house was a lot of fun. We watched TV and ate good food. It was a great time. 

 Everyone agreed we need to do it again next year during the Parade of Homes. 

Another year. Welcome 2016

One of our favorite things when we go to St George is to get an Orange Leaf drink. Double pearls for me because I love to chew my drinks. 
 The house we are building to sell is coming along. Nothing like doing construction in Idaho during the winter!
 Happy Birthday to me! The kids went in together and got me my own American Girl doll and some of the cutest clothes. I love her!

 If you have to be in Idaho during the winter you might as well find a way to enjoy it. I head out to yhe gold course and cross country ski. It is really beautiful out there. It is also a great work out. You just have to keep an eye out for moose. 

 Snow is a pain to shovel so we have someone do it for us now. Looks like we are in for a snowy winter this year.