Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sani Pass in Lesotho

 We took a road trip up to the little country of Lesotho. We drove in 4 wheel drive jeeps up a dirt road over a mountain pass. The driver said the first third of the drive is a bumpy dirt road, the second part is an African massage and the third part is where you get religion in your life. He pretty much had it all correct. It was a lovely day and the scenery was spectacular. They warned us it would be cold because it was so high but we never did get cold. 

 We stopped for pictures and to stretch our legs. 

 The driver thought this was hilarious. It is a big rock with boots underneath it like a man was buried by a rock slide. 
 Here was a funny bumper sticker I caught as we drove by. 

 We arrived safely. The people were friendly and live a simple life. 

 I bought this little woven platter that says Lesotho on it. Perfect for the tacky wall. I am with Anita in the picture. She works for Funforless, the company we traveled with. She was the person in charge of this trip. 

 Our lunch was served in this nice little place. It was pretty good food. 

 You can see the road above that we drove up. 

 These are the new friends we met. They are Lee and Lee Ann from Leslie and Andy's neighborhood in Boise Idaho. 

 The people here have sheep and farms to grow a few crops on. They have very hard winters up this high also. 

 The drive down was also beautiful. 
 We saw this man carrying a load of wood up on his back. 

 As you know, Jeff can nap anywhere. Back into South Africa. We visited 6 countries on this trip. 
South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and we passed bu Namibia on the river trip we did one day. 

Visit to Robbin Island

 We got up early and headed to the wharf in Cape Town. It was a beautiful but a bit foggy out. We boarded a boat for the ride out to Robbin Island. It is the Island that a prison was built on. Nelson Mandela was the most famous prisoner held there. We toured the Island and the prison. 

 We walked intot he prison area. 

 Our guide was a former prisoner there. He knew Nelson Mandela. He told us how terrible it was to stay there. There was a nice guard that he has since become friends with. He told us that every day he guides on the island brings back difficult memories. We asked him why he was a prisoner there. He said he was part of a group that protested and set off a bomb. Nobody was killed but he spent his life in prison over it. 
 Nelson Mandela's prison cell. 

 They also sent lepers out to the island and we saw the cemetery.
 The view of Cape Town and Table Mountain from Robbin Island.