Sunday, January 29, 2017

It is a real wild west winter this year

Winter came in with a bang this year. It has been very cold with lots of sub zero temperatures and tons of snow. We have been cross country skiing as much as we can. It has been very beautiful. Swans, moose, owls, muskrats are often sited along the river. 
 Snow removal early in the mornings. 

Randy has worked for years keeping the trails perfect for skiing. He was out today. The moose then follow up and walk and poop on them. 

 12 feet of snow out in front of my house. It is crazy. If the wind ever blows we will be buried alive. We may be shoveling until July. 

Inauguration Day

The United States is in turmoil. The news media cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything any more. The country is divided on  many accounts. They already were but it is getting more vocal. I am writing this post because it will go in my printed history books. I am proud to be an American. I do not believe things are anywhere near as bad as the press would have you believe. I am going to hold out for a good while before I judge. I believe we need big changes and I am hopeful that they will happen. I will try to be my best in the meantime. 
 Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing. 

A little more from Kauai

It is hard to imagine a scene so beautiful. The turquoise water and sunshine are so calming. 
 Hiking along the cliff over ocean. 
 Grace and Grandpa at the Hyatt Hotel. 
 We were all smiles at the golf course. Warm sun and gentle breeze made for a perfect golf game. 

 It is so easy to spend time at the beach just looking at the ocean. In the evening a nice fire to sit by.
 Some of the tropical plants were just the right size for Fluffy to hang out underneath. 
 A parting picture of our condo on Poipu Beach. So sad to close the door and leave Kauai. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunrises on Kauai

Another beautiful sunrise. We are always awake because of the time change. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hiking on Kauai is worth the effort

Our morning trip out to the beach never disappoints. We see seals, whales, birds turtles and the always present chickens and roosters. 
 Spent the morning looking around Poipu area and hiking one of my favorite little hikes along the coast. Beautiful views and some fun things along the way. 
 In Boise they had terrible weather while we were gone. That meant that Grace did not miss the whole week of school. 
 Jeff standing over the blow hole along the trail. Just cooling off. 

 We found a little shack on a secluded beach. It made me think of castaway. Does this mean that I need to change Fluffy's name to Wilson? 

 The sunsets were also unbelievably beautiful. 
 Our next hiking day was up on the North Shore. Baldwins went on it and I went on a smaller one with Jeff. Everyone had marvelous views and a fun time.

 This was the first time we ran into wild pigs or boars. 
 Not only did we luck out with great weather. There was no rain. There was no wind. The temps were in the low 80's. We also had a full moon. It could not have been better.