Sunday, March 29, 2015

February fun, still no winter.

We had a dinner party at our house on Valentine's weekend. It was to decorate for it. 
 It has been the craziest winter. No snow to speak of. No storms, no snow days at school. This picture was taken in February of the back yard. The grass is getting green. 

 I flew down to St George for a week of house sitting during the Parade of Homes. Beth and Gary spent a night with me. I had a few days of peace and quiet. 
 Some of my friends kidnapped me for a ride through Zions park. I drove the Corvette with the top down. We ran into a group of Korean tourists. They were more interested in us than in Zions Park. They lvoe the Harleys and Corvette. 
 I did some hiking on my own. 
 I also hiked with Charlene. We saw some beautiful sites and I got up on Turtle Rock. 

 I discovered this week that I have a big ugly kidney stone. Now I am waiting for it to make its next move. 
 RZR ride behing Zions Park was so fun. We crossed a creek over and over. 

 Steven and Cari came and spent the weekend with us along with Rachel and family. We had wonderful weather until we woke up Monday morning to a serious snow storm. Maybe our best storm of the winter and it was in St George. 

 Rachel brought her pet tortoise named Wilma. Wilma liked it in St George. Maybe she has relatives here behind the house. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vegas with the Grandkids

It was a fun idea to go to Vegas with Andy, Lynne, Addie and Isaac. We did have fun but Vegas is not all good. You have to be pretty careful. Even a candy store has hidden vices in Vegas. However in the Bellagio they have the best chocolate fountain of all. I could not tear my eyes away from this ceiling to floor fountain. 
 The famous ceiling in the lobby. Mesmerizing. 

 We walked around all afternoon seeing some fun things. 
 That night we surprised the kids and went to see the Beatles Love show. They loved it. 
 We wore the kids out. They laid down a minute to look at the lights of the city and that was the end of them. 

 Next stop was St. George. It was a little brisk out but they got in the pool in the morning and stayed in all day long. I even brought lunch out to them. 
 In the evening Andy entertained a group of golf buddies. The Nielsons, David and Steven Zollinger. 

The winter that almost was in 2015

Met up with the siblings in January. It was cold but that is about it. I think we had at the most two storms this winter. We have not had any snow on the ground except for one big storm. It has also been pretty warm after the cold start. 
 I am a walker. Every morning I go out at 6. It was very foggy and we got covered in frost. 

 The one storm we had brought out this...well not quite sure what it is. A hummer on tracks? 
 I went to take a picture of the heavy frost on the tree branches and did not notice the photo bomber until after I took it. True story. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another New Year...2015

It was a cold start to the New Year. 
 There was a little New Years Eve Party at Porters. We had a lot of fun and good food. However we did not make it to the midnight hour. We're boring, I admit it!

On New Years Day we got up early and headed to St. George. On the way down we stopped and visited everyone on the way. It was a very nice day. Jeff did a little health care on the way. 

The Feigleson's were happy to see us. Next were Beth and Gary. We surprised everyone. 
 We did a quick swing through Salt Lake City to see Lauren and Matt and their families. Matt is out of the hospital for a break from chemotherapy. 

 We love arriving in St. George. Even when icicles are hanging from the palm trees. 
There was snow and very cold temperatures. 
 There were a lot of very strange clouds in the skies. 

 Jeff loves his hot tub soaks. The weather is never a deterrent. 
It was fun to walk around the neighborhood and see the houses being built in the cul-de-sac. Amazing how quick they are built. We have gone from no neighbors to all built in. Had Walters and Jensen's over to dinner. Fun times. Not to mention a beautiful sunset. 

Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy Holidays!

 Christmas came and went in a flash this year. My Christmas Cactus performed beautifully. 
 I made Jeff a shadow box with his Dad's things for Christmas. 
 We drove to Boise again on Christmas Eve. This year the party was at the Baldwin's. It was so fun to get together with the Boise crowd. All of the kids are growing up. 

 We did a little photo booth fun. 

 We did a lot of picture taking. Selfies, groupies and just plain old pictures. 

 Ella got ahold of my phone. Ava does not have many teeth in her mouth. 

 We got a lot of snow this Christmas. Jeff got a vacuum for Christmas. Lucky man he is. 
 I got all excited about my dead clam. I thought it had a huge pearl in it but it was not. Dang!

 Jeff and I snuck away for a little St George time. It is so peaceful there. We had fun with friends. 
 It was pretty cold in St George but not as cold as it was back in Rexburg. 

 New Years was pretty low key. Good food with good friends is all that we needed. 

 On New Years Day we drove down to St George and visited everyone along the way. Jeff did some health care. 

 Ice on my palm trees. 
 Crazy cloud formations and snow around the pool made it all other worldly. 

 No matter what the weather Jeff gets in the hot tub and swimming pool. It was a good holiday season. Now for 2015.