Sunday, July 26, 2015


It is a bit of an odd year. Lots of pests and funky weather. There have been lots of crazy storms. 
 We had an infestation of caterpillars all over town. They covered the trees at the office. Creepy!

 It looked like a tornado but it was not. 

Boise for Ava's Baptism

We hopped 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hawaiin Wedding

So excited to fly to Hawaii for a wedding. We decided to split our time up between Oahu and Maui this year so we could attend the wedding of Carston, my brothers son. Our plane landed in Honolulu just minutes ahead of the nieces and nephews. Beth was on the same plane as us. She was the official photographer for the wedding. 
 We got off of the plane and headed to see friends who live there. The Camphouses have the funnest little cottage on the ocean. 
 Every morning we walked on the beach path. It was lovely. I referred to it as "walking Jeff". 
 This is the first time I have been to the Temple on Oahu. It is right by BYU Hawaii. Such a lovely area. The weather was nice although a bit breezy. While we waited for the wedding to begin I ran to the BYU Hawaii book store and got my souvenir. A pair of basket ball shorts. Yea me!

 Love my family!

 Everyone excitedly waiting for the newly weds. 
 Carston and Sze Wan. They met in Hawaii. She is from Hong Kong where he served his mission. However they did not meet there. 
 I have to say it was a nice quiet little wedding which was kind of nice. 

 The next day we met up with some of the kids on Waikiki Beach for some fun. We had the Hula pie. It disappeared in minutes. 

 We moved onto Maui. This was our first time there. 

 It was very windy so being outside was a challenge. We had a great time looking around the Island. We spent a day at the aquarium which was very entertaining. 

 Photo bombed by manta rays. 
 We got to catch up with Tammy and Curtis who were also there. We had a lot of good food. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring break in St George

Leslie and I met up in Salt Lake for a spring break run to St George. We were going to spend the night but ended up driving all the way down. It was uneventful. Ella, Edie, Isaac and Addie went with us. We had nonstop fun. They climbed around on the rocks and I still get nervous. 

 We ate a lot of good food. Sucuras was a hit with the kids. 

 A quick stop in Salt Lake let the kids play in the tree house at Laurens. 
 Addie and Edie are the Dee Dee twins. 

 Fat Mans misery is the name of this skinny slot canyon. They got hung up terrified by a lizard in it. 

 Now this is what it is all about!

 OK I am ready to go back and continue where we left off. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Training HBB in Paraguay

In March we traveled to Paraguay to train two groups the HBB course. It was a good trip. There were friendly faces from the past and new friends made. They had these great murals in our Hotel lobby. 

 Kind of fun to follow others with my Find My Friend app. 
 We taught at the Chapel next tot he LDS Temple. It was nice to walk the grounds there when I needed to stretch my legs. They were doing clean up on the grounds and fun to watch. 
 Dr. Sheffield and Jeff teaching the group how to do the mega code. 

 We had a great time with all of these people. Elder and Sister Ford used to live in Rexburg. We really enjoyed them. 
 There were a couple of mishaps on our trip home. We had to move to a new Hotel the last night because of a reservation glitch. Our bus that brings us in to the airport terminal hit the building and shattered out the rear windows. When we took off from Sao Paulo our mega plane lost an engine on take off. We had to abort the take off and return to the airport. They took about 6 hours to repair the engine and we took off finally. They did feed us potato chips and cookies to keep us happy. 
 We tried to keep a smile on our faces when they announced that the flight crew had to be changed out when we crossed into the USA. 
Another successful NRT trip!