Monday, July 16, 2012

Egypt in Idaho with King Tut

  It was a rainy Idaho Saturday so we loaded up the grand kids and went to see the King Tut display at the Idaho Museum. It was pretty good. Since we were in Egypt  in May we saw all of these things in their original form. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon. 

 A golden alter and dog. King Tut did everything in style for sure. 
 Devin joined in for all the fun. 

 Here is baby Tut. 
 A bunch of Clark Tut's. Ava was too scared of the statue to do the pose. 
 The royal golden chair. 
 This is a replica of the King Tut mummy. No worries as it looks just like the real mummies. 

 There is a room in the Museum for kids to see Idaho history and wild life. 

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Beth said...

Dang those are some super cute little tuts!!!