Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Transiberian Railway adventure....Mongolia first at Ulan Bator

We rode the train form China to the Mongolian border. There we changed trains. We were then officially on the Transiberian Railway. I could hardly believe it. We woke up the next morning to beautiful views that were at first misty. This picture is taken from our dining room table. Fresh flowers even. The train stops along the way all day and picks up fresh food and unloads trash. We get to get  out and walk around for a few minutes. 
A view of the train from our window as we go around a bend. 
You can stand in the area between cars and see the view in the open air.

 Crossing the Gobi desert.
Fluffy peaking out of the travel bag. 
We stopped for a day tour of Ulan Bator which is the capital of Mongolia. 
The temple was in the middle of modern architecture. It is preserved and still in use.  

 We stopped here for a picture. As we were leaving I turned around and this sweet girl was praying where we had been standing. 

This BMW is all decked in out in shiny gold paint. 

Linda Porter on a bicycle built for three.

People come and pile rocks and personal items n this mound. They say prayers to help heal people in need of help. Fluffy was fascinated by it. 

 I love watching the little villages go by on the train. 
Our home sweet home on the Transiberian Railway. 

We visited the capital of Mongolia and saw the statues of Genghis Khan. Some love him and some hate him. He played a huge part in the history of Mongolia. 

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