Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Arise and Shine Forth...Raise Your Torch Young Womens Camp at Cresthaven Ward 2012

Here is the tale of 38 Young Women, 3 camp leaders, assorted YW leaders and Priesthood leaders at the 2012 camp. We had a blast and learned so many things. The girls were amazing. We started out learning about flexibiity. They would not let us into our camp until 2 in the afternoon and but we met at 9 am to load up and leave. So we divided up into age groups and did as much of our certification as we could on the Church lawn. It was a beautiful morning and I think everyone had a great time.
One of our challenges was getting 38 inner tubes loaded to go up to Warm River. We did it with a little juggling. If we did it again we would deflate all of them...maybe. 
Lunch was at Lower Mesa Falls so we could be close to camp when it was time to move in. 

Everyone was so good about the delay in getting to camp. 
Finally we checked in to camp. All the tents had to be put up. Everyone pitched in to help. Of course the river was just a little bit of a distraction. 

I do not know how you did camp without Pinterest. I found so many cute ideas on it for camp. We made these adorable camp fire cupcakes. Our camp host Velma liked our ideas and frequently came to visit. She was skeptical about having such a large group of girls there at camp but we won her over.

Our theme was based on three things, the Olympics, the Church wide theme "Arise and Shine Forth" and our camp theme..."Raise Your Torch". We had all the tents enter like in the Olympics with their tent cheer. The leaders had the value Faith so we dressed in white togas. Silly leaders, but we had a rocking cheer. 

Maxine came and taught us well. 
It was a hot pink camp. It was so fun to see a sea of hot pink. We made lanterns out of mason jars with their names on them in hot pink. Unfortunately we did not get all the handles on right and a few dropped and broke. :(

Every night we awarded the Golden Plunger for the cleanest tent. Who would have guessed that a toilet plunger decorated in gold would get the girls to keep a clean tent. It worked. They were so clean we had a hard time choosing the cleanest. 
Just as in the Olympics we had nightly medal ceremonies. 
This year was the 100 year anniversary of YW Girls Camp. We celebrated it by raising 100 lights into the air... lanterns, flashlights and glo wrist bands. It was a beautiful sight. We went out on a bridge at Warm River. 

The food was yummy. This morning we made omelettes in bags. We also had tacos in bags and ice cream made in bags. We went through a lot of baggies. 
We kept all the girls together and did an 8 mile hike. The wild flowers were out and beautiful. It was a perfect hiking day, not too hot and a nice breeze. Have I said how great these girls are. Not one complaint on our hike. As you can see they had a lot of fun. 
How lucky I was to have two of my grand daughters come to camp with me. Ana and Lily came from California and joined us at camp. Is Ana really as tall as me????

I took my camera and had fun taking pictures of nature. 

For lunch we ate in the old train tunnel. It partially collapsed a few years ago so you cannot go in it anymore. It was a good place to sit and enjoy our sack lunches.
Our priesthood leader Matt and his cute daughter Summer. 
The Junior leaders doing a little planking on the rocks. 

After the hike everyone did glitter nails on their hands and feet. They all sparkled for the rest of camp. 

Of course no camp is complete until you do skits. These girls were at their silliest best. 

A handsome young man walked through our camp while fishing and the girls all were feeling embarressed  at how silly they looked. 

Velma joined us and watched some of our skits. We awarded her with the pink flamingo. 

Laurene and Carla came to judge the skits. Everyone received an award.

We played some great camp games. Bunny Bunny, Silent Football, Lovers Leap, the Animal Game. It was so much fun. 
Why do S'mores taste so good over a camp fire?
Waffles for all! That included the fish who got the left overs. 
Megan one of our YW leaders cheated and shaved her legs. 
All the YW took a break to ponder and study their scriptures. 
The priesthood leaders made sure the inner tubes were ready for floating. 
The girls tied quilts in the beautiful outdoors. 

The fish at Warm River got all of our left over waffles. 

The fish were huge and ate everything we threw in. There was another group there who threw tortillas in like frisbies. Dang, those fish caught them and gobbled them down. 
Here fishie, fishie....
We stopped at Velma's trailer to visit her and her husband. 
At last the main attaction...floating the Warm River which was not so warm. 
Our camp was in a perfect location, river and hiking trail right on site.There is lots of green lawn for games. We had a huge pavillion and restrooms right on or camp site. 
Randy and Sherie, three years in a row now as the camp Grandparents. How cool is that?

Camp leaders enjoying watching the YW float by in that cold water. They did shame Daylene into getting in with them. Here she is before and after. 

On the last night the Bishopric makes dinner. They talked  Rich Woodland into helping. You can never go wrong with Rich's dutch oven chicken. 
Olympic game time. 

Our Junior Leaders were so awesome. Tori, Breanne, Anna, Jeni, Aleena, Korynne and Hannah.
The logo on the back of our pink sweatshirts. 
Raise your torch banner that we hung in camp. 
2012 YW girls camp...done!


Sarah Schmidt said...

Thanks for posting this Mary!!! So fun to see all you did and to see my girls :). Thank you Thank you for such a great experience. I missed being there !

Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt said...

So fun to see ! Thank you Mary for such a great experience for my girls! Missed being there! What a great job you guys did!!!

Sarah Schmidt said...

So fun to see ! Thank you Mary for such a great experience for my girls! Missed being there! What a great job you guys did!!!

Beth said...

Wow! You did so much in a few days. Those girls are so lucky to have you sharing these experiences with them.
Looks like so much fun.

Leslie said...

Way proud of you mom! What an accomplishment.

Rachel said...

Wow, lots of photos! Thanks for posting them so I could steal them!! And thanks for taking them. They loved it.