Monday, February 14, 2011

How to remodel your house.

 Twenty years in our house and we are ready to update. It has been a couple of weeks of major mess. Here is the office. 
 The family room is a big empty room now. We decided to put in hard wood floors. The whole thing has me a bit stressed. Lots of dust, noise, men coming and going, decisions, expenses, upheaval, can't find anything messes. 
 Hard to cook or eat in a kitchen piled high with all the stuff moved out of the family room. Good exercise however climbing over the piles. The back door is blocked also and requires serious climbing over things.  
 So we escaped the project and flew to "chicken island". Kauai is still owned by chickens. As you can see they are not about to dwindle away. 
 Can you find the cell phone tower? I think it should be a law that they look like this everywhere. 
Check out the "man pit". Look at all these happy men grilling away. Look close and you can see Jeff focusing on the salmon. I asked what the discussion is like down in the pit but it is a big secret. I took a nap in a hammock today. It was glorious. Perfect. Restful. Garden of Edenish. Helped me forget the mess back homeish. 


Garden of Egan said...

A new remodel and Hawaii!
Lucky girl.

Have a blast.

MZB said...

Fun relaxing times for you two. Have fun with your sister. I think we need to do a daughters trip next year he he...

suzan said...

wow! I can't believe you've been in your house 20 years!! that makes me feel old! More Kauai pics please :)

Leslie said...

Man pit!!!! Ha ha! I love it. Can't wait to see the house redone....and REALLY need to see more pics of paradise.

PS what a beautiful cell phone tower!!!

Beth said...

The chickens everywhere are nuts, the man pit is even nuttier. :)

barbchuck said...

I agree with the first comment. Lucky you to have a trip to Hawaii AND a major house remodel both at the same time! How long is the remodel projected to take? I agree with Susan and Les. You can't post too many pics of Kauai.