Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally some hot summer nights!

Summer in Rexburg is a wonderful thing once it arrives. It finally has arrived and we have been trying to make the most of it. Rexburg Medical Center had a fun summer party at Dr. Prince backyard. He was the burger flipper. 
 We had the fire department on call. 
 We tried to not make too many watermelon jokes for Wendy's sake. 
 Jaimie showed off her sunburn she got earlier in the day. The fire department might need to be called for her also. 
 The girls from the basement are a lot of fun. 
 It was a fun night with yummy food 
 Poor Lori. She was trimming shrubs to get ready for the party and trimmed the end of her finger. She had to have her husband sew her finger up. 
 Jason and his little family came for their final appearance. He is moving on to bigger better things. We will miss him. The CIA will love him. :)
 Carla received the employee of the year award. She was surprised. I had a hard time convincing her that she was the person we were honoring. 
 Janae got the Face book votes. 
 We had a band come to entertain. They were really funny. An LDS rap band. 

 A couple of nights later Andy told us all to get our pajamas on and we were going night golfing. For those who do not know, Andy is now in charge at our house and nobody disobeys. 
 We gathered at the golf course in the pitch dark night. He had a bunch of glow balls that they had gathered from the ditches along the golf course. Andy spent his youth gathering the golf balls in ditches. He has passed his talent on to Christian and Isaac. 
 We played fun things with the glow balls. The night setting on the camera allowed you to get the motion of the glowing balls. People are a bit blurry but fun shots nonetheless. 

Stay tuned for more hot summer night activities. Winter will be here before you know it. 


Garden of Egan said...

Fun times. Fun times.

Only Girl said...

Night golf I like that but i would want a ball that did not glow so no one would know where my ball really went. and the golf get-ups are the best idea!!! Looks like a blast. I want summer to stay!!! Makes for much happier people!! :)