Sunday, October 07, 2007

Travel tales

It was nice to see Chicago in the rear view mirror. The heat was unbearable. The Chicago Marathon was about to take place and consumed the city. 45,000 runners to run in the race. We talked to lots of the participants and they were nervous about how hot and humid it was going to be. (Update on marathon: they had to stop it mid race due to the excess heat and number of runners down with heat stroke). We had a great time but the timing to leave was good.
So I would like to share what all happened to us while traveling on this trip. It took us 25 hours to get home from Chicago. WOW!

  • Tuesday morning we left our house at 6 am for the relatively short flight to Chicago.

  • Minneapolis airport closed...waited hours to take off from Idaho Falls

  • Circle over Minneapolis airport due to heavy rain
  • Land in heavy rain

  • Flight to Chicago was cancelled

  • Wait hours for the next flight. Very rough flight to Chicago

  • Luggage trapped in overhead bin...took 1/2 hour for service men to get it out

  • Saturday afternoon started return trip to Idaho, left Chicago in record heat wave

  • Fly to Minneapolis

  • Flight to Idaho Falls cancelled just when we were ready to board

  • Northwest Airline told us they would not get us our luggage, they would not provide a Hotel room, no meal voucher, no little toiletry kits (this was at 10 pm) Another passenger told us that her coworkers call Northwest...Northworst.

  • Up at 5:30 am to head back to airport. No breakfast is available this early

  • No reservations had been made by Northwest on Delta (told us they had) Not sure where our luggage our is. Delta cannot find out where they put it.

  • Fly to Salt Lake City (they no longer feed you on flights)

  • Barely make it to Idaho Falls flight, no time to eat yet (we did get a bag of peanuts that have maybe 10 peanuts.

  • Confusion on plane as to how many passengers should be on board. Wait 45 minutes while they try to resolve this issue. Pilot announces that the Circus act is over and we will now be able to depart.

  • Arrive in Idaho Falls 25 hours after leaving Chicago. No luggage arrived.
  • Takes one hour to file missing luggage reports. Nobody is helpful and not sure where the luggage is.

  • Luggage never did make it back to us yet. So sad. Jeff's new clothes in it.

So we left record breaking heat to arrive in serious snow. We were saddened to see the major damage to the trees in Rexburg. The snow was so heavy and the leaves still on the trees caused them to break off due to weight. It looks like a tornado went through town.


SUSAN said...

Ugghhh! That sounds like a nightmare! I bet you think twice before booking a flight on Northworst again!!

Berta said...

Sorry to hear about the hassle you went through - but look at that cute picture . . .you have each other! I just heard they had a death in Chicago (marathon) - imagine that with 90 degrees and 100% humidity ! ! ! ! ! Please! Makes me sad. Looks like you had a GREAT trip - especially those pizzas.

Berta said...

Once when Bob and I went to Washington DC for school business, my luggage went missing in Baltimore! I was in Washinton DC with only the clothes on my back for over a week. They NEVER FOUND my clothes and I figure they were stolen as I put a small pad lock on therefore led people to believe there was something of value. I think I had a 'brand new' KMart sweater in my case ! ! ! It took over six months to get a settlement! Now that I've lifted your spirits . . .!

rachel said...


Mary Z said...

So sorry...traveling is not for wimps!

Leslie said...

Hey, someone has to live with enough adventure to go around for those of us who just stay at home all the time.....

That is truly a traveling nightmare! Atleast you own a makeup store so you can get by without your supply in your luggage!

barbchuck said...

This sounds just miserable, Mary, but what Chuck and I always say when things go wrong is that those are the things which make the adventure. Those are the things which make the great stories when you get home. I'm glad you finally got your luggage. I always hold my breath until I see ours coming around the carousel!
What a coincidence that the marathon with all its problems was going on the same time you were there!