Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Siberia and the old believers village

 While traveling across Siberia we stopped at one of the Old Believers Villages. They are people who resisted the changes being made in the Russian Orthodox Church. So they moved to Siberia to practice religion the way they wanted to. We visited the Church in town. Often on this trip we had to wear head scarves. 
 One of the things I most loved about this trip is the blue you find on every house and building. The windows and doors were always decorated.

 The priest gave us the tour of the village. 
 This is an old jeep left from the war. 
The museum had a lot of interesting things. Fluffy thought she found some ancestors. 

 There was a group of ladies who entertained us with song and dance. They did a little skit for us. They asked a gentleman to come up and play the part of a newlywed man. They asked his wife to play the brides part. They about fell over when he started to speak Russian He had served a mission here. It was hilarious. 

 Linda riding on the seesaw swing. 
 These ladies were all so fun and cheerful. I imagine in the winter things look a lot different here. 

In every town there are statues of Lenin. They also have a street named after him. 

 Did I mention every building has a beautiful blue trim on it? 
 Back to our train. Our home away from home on wheels. 

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