Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tianmen Mountain and all of its treasures

 We loaded up on to a cable car in the middle of town and road up tot he top of Tianmen Mountain. It was a great ride up in the misty morning. We met a lot of great people on this trip. 

 We crossed over the road we would be taking back down the mountain. It has 99 curves in it. 
He was too terrified to do the walk on glass. 

 Onto the famous glass walkway. It is thousands of feet up the side of the mountain. Sheer straight down cliffs to the bottom. We saw people too terrified to go on it or trying to get back off of it. We had to put red shoe covers on so our shoes would not scratch the glass. 

 Anyone afraid of heights? 

 I would have to say this is one of the funnest days of my life. 
 This look out was over a canyon so deep you could not see the bottom in the mist. 

 Next we took a chairlift further up the mountain. It got pretty windy and I was a bit terrified. 

 One of our best travel days ever!!!
 More paths along the cliffs and the wooded areas. 
We tied a red ribbon on a tree with our names on it. it is a place for lovers to share their love. 

 We walked through enchanted woodland areas. There was so much to see. 

 Next stop was the escalators. We rode down through he mountain on 11 different escalators. Long ones. Who engineered all of this???
 And finally our first view of the huge hole in the mountain known as Heavens Gate. It is so big that they have flown fighter jets through it. 

 IN the front of the hole there are stairs. 999 to be exact. The Stairway to Heaven. I walked down them. Jeff took another escalator. This was so amazing. 
 Our bus group was a lot of fun. Here we are all in front of Heavens Gate. 
 The food in China has me a little scared!

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