Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A day around Beijing

On our trip we had one day to see some sights at Beijing. We have been here before so not overloading on pictures. It was a very warm day. 
 People have birds as pets. They even take them walking in their cages. 
 This man is cleaning the weeds up in the tiles at the Forbidden City. 

 The forbidden City is so big. Every time we go there we see new things. 
 Tienanmen Square 
  A very modern city with lots of sky scrapers. 
 We ventured out to the Summer Palace. I love it here. Peaceful and so beautiful. 

 This boat is solid rock. 
 For some reason the men in China roll their shirts up and expose their bellies. Kind of wierd. 

 Finally a trip out tot he Great Wall of China. Again it is very hot. We have climbed it in the past so decided to relax and just sit and sweat instead of climb and really sweat. 

 That Fluffy is one lucky dinosaur to get to go on this trip. 
 One more belly shot. 

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