Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lake Baikal

We awoke and got ready for our day at Lake Baikal. As usual breakfast was really good. I loved all of the hot cereals they had every morning. Also there were big bowls of olives. Yum. 
We walked down to the dock where we would catch a ferry across the lake. 
 It was a little chilly on the lake. In the winter this lake freezes solid. 

 There is a village with old buildings from all over. They are all beautiful. We walked down to the Lake and had a great afternoon. 

 We had a fun group of people that we hung out with on the trip. The guys all bought Lake Baikal hats that matched. Good looking guys. 

 After touring we got back o the train and road back to the main line. They let us go out front to ride on the cat walk around the engine. This was another surprise on the trip. It was optional and quite a few decided to do it. 

 More of our friends. They are a group of widowed ladies who travel together a lot. So fun to meet all of these people.  
 After the train ride we had a barbecue along the train tracks. Some people jumped into the freezing cold lake before dinner. 

 The food was very good. We walked down the tracks a ways and I bought some moonstone jewelry. I was so excited. Six dollars for earrings and a necklace. It was a little family with a card table and a few trinkets to sell. 

 Fluffy looking out of her sleep quarters on the train. 

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