Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Moscow Russia

Mary slept in the top bunk. Jeff had the bottom one. It was tricky getting up the little ladder. Once in it you kind of had to make sure you were securely in the bunk because the train lurched and it felt like you might roll off of the bunk bed. 
 Jeff did a bit of health care on the trip. One lady was having chest pain. We gave her nitro. She had to get off and go to a hospital. She later returned to the train. She brought Jeff and nice bottle of Vodka to thank him. Our cabin boy thanked us when we gave it to him. 
 One of the most famous sites in the world did not let us down. Just as beautiful as you see in pictures. St Basil's is on Red Square. 
 We had a tour of the Kremlin. There was a lot to see. It was pretty crowded the day we went. 

 A famous cemetery was on our tour. The graves were all so amazing. 
 A famous heart surgeon is buried here. 

 We got to stay at the Ritz Carlton which is right next to Red Square. We walked over to it a couple of times. It is so fun to see the difference in it between day and night. 
 Lots of fun architectural details. They are cleaning the city up getting ready for the World Cup. 
 We had a fun visit with Randy and Sherie who are there on a mission for two years. We had a good time catching up with them. 
 One night we did a tour of the subways under Moscow. Some of them are all decked out with fancy chandeliers and art work. We stopped at a few of them. Stalin had his own private tunnel which is now public. 

 Everyone rubs the bronze statues and they are all shiny where people pass by. 


 We are ready to return home. We have been gone nearly three weeks. It was amazing. 

 Moscow to Germany then to Chicago. All tuckered out. 

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