Wednesday, December 28, 2016

July 2016

 Ana and Lily came and stayed for a few days. They tried on all of their Mothers dance dresses. They sure looked cute in them. 

 Josh got married. 
 We had girls camp up in Island Park. It got really cold at night. 

 Just look at all of those cute leaders. 

 There were beautiful sunsets. Also a scary person went around scaring everyone including us. 

 We went to SLC to Dani Smith wedding. 
 Crashed a class reunion even though it was not one of ours. It was a pretty good party. 
 I love walking in the mornings. Summer is so great. There are so many variety of sunrises. 
 Jeff has a doppleganger. 
 Over to Jackson Hole for some fun. It was a beautiful summer day. We hiked and ate good food. 

 Visiting Grandpa Z at the office. 
 We met up with Mike in St George on a hot summer night. He asked Fluffy if she wanted to go on a road trip with him. She was pretty excited and jumped into the truck with him to go back east. 

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