Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kazan!!! I never knew about this magnificent city.

Today's adventure was to a city named Kazan. I had never heard of it. We walked towards the area we were going to see and suddenly the most beautiful building appeared. It had blue domes on it and tall spires. It is a mosque. So excited to see this. All you could do for minutes was stare at the beauty. 

 The inside is exquisite. Every detail needs to be studied. 

 There were people inside praying. 

 We walked around the Kremlin. We discovered that there are many Kremlin's in Russia. 

 Adorable children. 

 Next we saw this unique building that is for weddings. 

 Couples go here for pictures. There happened to be some while we were there. 

 Our guide for all of Russia was Marianna. She was perfect. 
 Fluffy got to carry her flag for Fun For Less. 

 Apparently dinosaurs are really a big deal in Russia. 
 We were driving too fast to get a good picture but I loved the lace look on the over pass. 

 Another surprise that we had was to visit this school for musically gifted children. I thought it would be kind of boring but it was actually amazing. They played with out music and they were so enthusiastic. I loved what they performed. It was another surprise winner. 
 It is hard to explain all of the magnificent architecture we saw in Kazan 

 We finally ran into a McDonald's. Everyone had some french fries. 

 I loved this clock. 
 Back on the train. We had a caviar tasting party. 

 More of the nice people we met on this trip. Every meal was a treat to sit with someone new. 

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