Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Irkutsk and a home cooked meal.

I loved this statue of a soldier that I cannot name. We walked around Irkutsk for a bit. It was a breezy cool day. 

 In the afternoon we were taken to a private home in a little neighborhood of lovely cottages. They served us an authentic Russian meal in their own house. They were so welcoming and the food was so very good. All fresh home made. Bread, salad, soup, potatoes, meat, dessert and a great juice to drink. It could not have been better. 

 It was just like having Thanksgiving dinner at home. 

 Their home was so peaceful. 

 They let us all use the outhouse. It was just fine, very clean. 

 I was in love with their gardens. Some of the food we ate was from this garden. 

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