Wednesday, December 28, 2016

August 2016 I Love summer

Traditionally we go on a ride over the Bear Tooth Pass with a bunch of friends. This summer we managed to fit the trip in again. The weather was not the best but the friends were. Gotta love wild west room decor. 
 Dave and Jerry relaxing at the Motel. 
 Red Lodge Montana. Fun town and fun times. The weekend we go coincides with the annual run to Sturgis so we meet a lot of people our age pretending to be youngsters again. Just like us. 

 It poured rain on the pass. 
 Bear tooth Pass gets its name from the tooth looking peak. 

 My big Christmas Cactus got to big for it's britches and fell off the hutch. Poor baby. 
 Ana and Jack hung out in England and Paris. 
 I spent a lot of time in Boise waiting for baby Stockton to make an appearance. He was slow about it so I made a couple of trips there. Edie and I went tot he cabin while Leslie did work there. 
 Girls trip to the spa for manicures. Ella looking good. 
 Lynne getting a pedicure pre hospital. 
 Fried pickles and ice cream. 
 The grand daughters set up a spa and did a lot of great treatments  on us. 

 The baby owls are growing up. They do not go far from home however. 

 Stockton has arrived. 

 Fluffy got to meet Roxy at the emergency room. 

 And I am back in Boise. He is adorable. Lots of excitement in the Clark house. 

 Cute 1 week old baby pictures. This lady has the knack. 

 On my way home I stopped and did the scenic drive at Craters of the Moon. It was very nice. Lots of interesting things to see. Fluffy liked it. 

 It has been a couple of years but I finally made it back up to Table Rock. What a fun group that went. 
 Flowers were still abundant. 

 Fluffy made it there for the first time. 

 Have to confess that I fell down. Hard. I bruised my entire leg. It was really ugly. 

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