Thursday, February 25, 2016

It is November and 2015 is on it's way out!

Winter is getting close. Fluffy likes the hat she got in Peru. Little Peruvian Dinosaur she is. 
 I am building a house. A little house for people sizing down. They dug the hole and are pouring the footings. This is going to be fun. 
 This looks like poinsetta but it is actuall the burning bush in my front yard. It is a pretty setting for the Temple. 
 A full moon makes another pretty setting. 
 The colors this fall are the best I have ever seen. Looking out of my window this looked like pure gold shimmering on the trees. 
 We did it. Fluffy got in on the signing party. 
 It was a fun trip to Boise. The kids all joined us for lunch. We are a crowd anywhere we go now. 
 It had bben many years since I saw Chad. He lived with us many years ago. It was fun to see him and catch up. 
 I am serving as the Young Womens President. I love the calling andd all of the Young Women that i get to serve and spend time with. I also love all of the ladies who are in the Presidency and advisors. 
 Fluffy has a growing wardrobe. It gets cold here and she is prepared. 
 This little wagon showed up and a bunch of us skipped out of work to take a little ride on it. 
 The Laurels came to learn how to make pies. We had an awesome time. The pies were good and they all got to make one to take home. 

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