Thursday, February 25, 2016

December 2015 is finally here.

Fluffy looks like she is playing like she is sick but seriously she is at the hospital with Jeff. He had a heart attack. He is doing better but it was not a fun thing to go through. 
 Well look at this. Fluffy had little babies. Magan and I had a blast posing Mom and babies. They are all going to the kids for the twelve days of Christmas. I am feeling pretty clever. I put out a month of clues but nobody caught on until the end of the clues. Ha ha. 

 Our annual bon fire out back to burn yard debris looked pretty spectacular from the house. 

 We had Christmas in St George. Jeff took two weeks off to recover and rest up. Matt and family came down Christmas Eve and we had a nice time. 
 Best Christmas eve story ever. Jeff was a waiting for the UPS truck to come and deliver his Christmas ham. at 9 pm they had not made it yet. They finally came but did not leave a package. SO he chased the truck down. He asked where his ham was. They said they had delivered it. SO we went back and he checked at the neighbors. They came to the door dressed as elves. They did have the ham. Christmas Eve was saved in the nick of time. The ham was good by the way. 

 We went looking at Cristmas lights. We found some amazing light displays in St George. 
 ON New Years Eve we went to Mesquite to golf with the Walters. It was a cold but beautiful day. We golfed and Wolfe Creek and then had a nice dinner there. Happy New Year to all. We are hoping for a medical free year in 2016. 

 It is hard to make the shift from sunny St George to cold snowy Idaho. 

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