Thursday, February 25, 2016

Peru trip for NRT October 2015

Off to Peru to teach NRT. Fluffy is an International Dinosaur. 
 We stayed the night at the airport. Over the years I have been so mesmerized by the awful art in this Hotel. Most people staying here are headed to Machu Picchu. Finally I saw a painting that the famous mountain in it. Still ugly. Migraine headache ugly. 
 Heading to Iquitos. That is the Amazon River below us. 
 It is definitely the Amazon jungle. Iquitos is a hot place that is mostly on stilts or logs under the homes so they can float when needed. 

 The kids play soccer when the river recedes. 
 We took a little boat ride out onto the Amazon to a restaurant. 
 The entrance to the boat shuttle is down a long stairway with mud stone steps. 
 The Merrill's are the Humanitarian Missionaries in Peru. We loved working with them. They have a great calling. 
 The trainings went well. 

 It was so hot. I sat with my feet in the pool. Fluffy joined me. 
 We took a little ride to a chocolate factory. It was down a dirt road in the jungle. The chocolate was very very good. We took a tour of the factory. 

 Jeff carrying all the chocolate up the dirt road. 

 In Lima we went to Jeff's favorite place to eat. The burger folks had a burger with onion rings on it. I had macaroni and cheese. No burgers for me. 

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