Sunday, May 03, 2015

Training HBB in Paraguay

In March we traveled to Paraguay to train two groups the HBB course. It was a good trip. There were friendly faces from the past and new friends made. They had these great murals in our Hotel lobby. 

 Kind of fun to follow others with my Find My Friend app. 
 We taught at the Chapel next tot he LDS Temple. It was nice to walk the grounds there when I needed to stretch my legs. They were doing clean up on the grounds and fun to watch. 
 Dr. Sheffield and Jeff teaching the group how to do the mega code. 

 We had a great time with all of these people. Elder and Sister Ford used to live in Rexburg. We really enjoyed them. 
 There were a couple of mishaps on our trip home. We had to move to a new Hotel the last night because of a reservation glitch. Our bus that brings us in to the airport terminal hit the building and shattered out the rear windows. When we took off from Sao Paulo our mega plane lost an engine on take off. We had to abort the take off and return to the airport. They took about 6 hours to repair the engine and we took off finally. They did feed us potato chips and cookies to keep us happy. 
 We tried to keep a smile on our faces when they announced that the flight crew had to be changed out when we crossed into the USA. 
Another successful NRT trip!

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