Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring break in St George

Leslie and I met up in Salt Lake for a spring break run to St George. We were going to spend the night but ended up driving all the way down. It was uneventful. Ella, Edie, Isaac and Addie went with us. We had nonstop fun. They climbed around on the rocks and I still get nervous. 

 We ate a lot of good food. Sucuras was a hit with the kids. 

 A quick stop in Salt Lake let the kids play in the tree house at Laurens. 
 Addie and Edie are the Dee Dee twins. 

 Fat Mans misery is the name of this skinny slot canyon. They got hung up terrified by a lizard in it. 

 Now this is what it is all about!

 OK I am ready to go back and continue where we left off. 

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