Sunday, March 29, 2015

February fun, still no winter.

We had a dinner party at our house on Valentine's weekend. It was to decorate for it. 
 It has been the craziest winter. No snow to speak of. No storms, no snow days at school. This picture was taken in February of the back yard. The grass is getting green. 

 I flew down to St George for a week of house sitting during the Parade of Homes. Beth and Gary spent a night with me. I had a few days of peace and quiet. 
 Some of my friends kidnapped me for a ride through Zions park. I drove the Corvette with the top down. We ran into a group of Korean tourists. They were more interested in us than in Zions Park. They lvoe the Harleys and Corvette. 
 I did some hiking on my own. 
 I also hiked with Charlene. We saw some beautiful sites and I got up on Turtle Rock. 

 I discovered this week that I have a big ugly kidney stone. Now I am waiting for it to make its next move. 
 RZR ride behing Zions Park was so fun. We crossed a creek over and over. 

 Steven and Cari came and spent the weekend with us along with Rachel and family. We had wonderful weather until we woke up Monday morning to a serious snow storm. Maybe our best storm of the winter and it was in St George. 

 Rachel brought her pet tortoise named Wilma. Wilma liked it in St George. Maybe she has relatives here behind the house. 

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