Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vegas with the Grandkids

It was a fun idea to go to Vegas with Andy, Lynne, Addie and Isaac. We did have fun but Vegas is not all good. You have to be pretty careful. Even a candy store has hidden vices in Vegas. However in the Bellagio they have the best chocolate fountain of all. I could not tear my eyes away from this ceiling to floor fountain. 
 The famous ceiling in the lobby. Mesmerizing. 

 We walked around all afternoon seeing some fun things. 
 That night we surprised the kids and went to see the Beatles Love show. They loved it. 
 We wore the kids out. They laid down a minute to look at the lights of the city and that was the end of them. 

 Next stop was St. George. It was a little brisk out but they got in the pool in the morning and stayed in all day long. I even brought lunch out to them. 
 In the evening Andy entertained a group of golf buddies. The Nielsons, David and Steven Zollinger. 

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