Sunday, November 23, 2014

NRT in Chiclayo and Huaraz Peru

 In October we flew to Peru to teach two courses of NRT.  Jerry and Matt are two Doctors who joined us. Tania and Maria also came. We had a great group. 

 There were wonderful students in each city. We had been to both of them in the past. 

 Although we have been here before it is still fascinating to go see where a massive avalanche buried a whole city. You can still see a lot of the damage. 

This little old lady told us she is here everyday because her parents died in the avalanche. 

It was a very windy day but felt good to get out and walk around the memorial site. 

 Huaraz was a city up in the Andes. It was a beautiful flight through the mountains. There was a lot of snow up high in the mountains. 

We saw this missionary getting on our plane. He was on his way home after serving in Colombia. He was pretty nervous but excited as we landed. 

 It was very sweet to see his parents at the airport picking him up. 

 Our group for the week. Such great people. 

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