Monday, December 01, 2014

Havasupai Falls Hike

Another hike this summer. This time 16 of us are headed to Havasupai at the Grand Canyon. We drove to St. George on a nice September day. When we got to St George we hit a record breaking rain storm. Never ever has there been so much rain as this summer.

We decided that we had to bring Suzan with us. So we bought a doll and cut her hair like Suzan's. 
When we got up we did some serious research on how to get around the freeway I 15 that was washed out in the rain. Half of the group stayed at Charlene's and half stayed with me.

We had to take a detour to Las Vegas that added about 6 hours to our drive. We followed the yellow Penske truck the whole way at 35 miles per hour. 16 women in a van on a six hour detour deserve some kind of medal. 
Our noon start time ended up being 6 pm. We missed the mules and had to do the hike in the dark. Everyone had head lamps and it was actually kind of fun.  There was a clear sky and a big full moon to light our way. It was actually quite magical. We even had a dog guide us down.

This dog was our guide. He walked down with us to the village. He is a good pup. 
We stayed in the lodge and they were not quite 5 star worthy but they were better than sleeping out on the ground. This is the door to my room that Charlene and I shared. Unique to say the least. 
This place is absolutely gorgeous. We played like young girls in all of the water falls. 

 There were a couple of places you had to climb down some exciting places. Great adventure. 

Suzan got to do everything that we did.
The fry bread should not be missed. 

The children were friendly and wanted to hang out with us. So I hung out with them. 

There is no end to the fun in the turquoise waters. Linda and I did not pose for this picture. Someone just caught us at the right moment. 

If you know me you know that I live in and for blue so I was one happy girl in all of this blue water. 

Just don't look down!

I cannot believe I jumped from the rope swing. It was very fun. They all did have to yell at me to let go of the rope. 
Lunch at a picnic table in the water was epic if I  may say so. 
The ladders were a bit frightening. Focus and you will be fine. 

We are not going back!
I wear my St. Christopher's necklace when ever I am away from Jeff. He wears a matching one. 

Really now this is the life. I am laying at the edge of the waterfall. 

Happy Birthday to Linda!

The helicopter flies down and bring passengers and supplies or groceries. He then takes garbage out and passengers. The only way in or out of Supai is by foot, mule or helicopter. 
Some of us opted to ride out on the helicopter. The price was right and it was fun. 

We spent the night again in St George. Now we need to decide what our next adventure will be. 

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