Saturday, October 25, 2014

Summer 2014 will be remembered as the summer of rain.

It rained all summer. Everywhere we went it rained. It rained and caused severe flooding. It thundered and light up the skies. It hailed and the wind blew. My flowers drowned. No lie! 
 Our girls trip to Havasupai found is a historic rain storm in southern Utah. It tore I 15 right out of existence. We got up at 5 am to leave on our trip. Alas we had to do a 6 hour detour. We sat in the morning trying to figure out how to get to the Grand Canyon. 
 We followed this yellow truck the whole way. Painful. The traffic moved at 35 mph. 
 Rexburg was under water. 

 We drove home from SLC one night in a severe rain and thunder storm. 
 I filled sand bags to keep at the office. It was kind of fun. 
 Our roof sprung a leak. Crazy. 

 With storms come rainbows and we saw some amazing ones. 

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