Thursday, May 29, 2014

Had to take a little detour on our way to Kruger Park

 We were driving along in our three buses when we ran into this accident. Oops. We would not be able to go over the mountain to get to Kruger Park by noon. Our drivers went out looking for a way to get around the accident.
 They found this dirt logging road that goes right over the mountain and decided to do it. It is by the way raining. 
 We came to this bridge (sort of a bridge). It was just the width of the bus wheels. It made me pretty nervous. I would have preferred to get off of the bus but the men jumped out and put rocks on it for traction. Over it we went. I held my breath. Then we watched the two other buses creep over it. All made it. We continued over the road surprising anyone we came upon. We even made it to Kruger Park in time for our next safari tour. 

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