Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Kruger Park looking for the Big Five!

Kruger Park is where you get to drive all day looking for the Big Five in open air jeeps. The Big Five are elephants, lions, leopards, cape buffalo and rhinos. We saw them all in abundance except for the leopard. We also saw hyenas, giraffes, wart hogs, beautiful birds, crocodiles, hippos, wildebeests and many more. It was so fun. 

 Happy elephants and a cute baby waving at us. 

 This group of lionesses and cubs were laying in a circle. They were napping in the heat of the day. 
 We walked down into this blind to watch animals come to a water hole. This giraffe showed us how far down it is for them to get a drink. 

 A big male elephant in musth. You can tell by the gland oozing on his face. He made me a bit nervous. But he was just busy chewing on tree branches. 

Ahhh relaxing after a long day. 

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