Sunday, November 03, 2013

Corrientes, Salta and Jujuy Argentina

On Sunday after spending the night in Posadas Argentina we went to Church. Following our meetings there we stopped at this Grill and had Sunday dinner. It was Mothers Day in Argentina and so it was very busy. They had live singers also. It was fun to hear the music while we waited. 
 The grill was a serious grill. They bring the meat out on skewers and slide  it onto your plate. 
 We taught three different courses in Argentina. The first one was in Corrientes. It is near the Paraguay border. Every where we go the people are so delightful and it was no exception here. 

 We were packing up to leave and I stopped to talk to this missionary who was helping. It turns out he was good friends with Rachel and the girls. He was excited to chat for a minute. 

 We had a few minutes to relax by the pool. It was a really nice pool. 
 The next day we flew on to Salta. At least part of us did. Part of the group drove the 11 hours with all of our equipment. In the airport we had submarines. I love them. You drop a chocolate bar into hot frothed milk. So yummy. 

 In Salta we had a chance to walk around a little. They have a beautiful Church in the center of town. the little kids had fun chasing the pigeons around. 
 Walking through the park I spotted this t-shirt. We stopped to talk to him. He had no idea what Idaho even was. Wonder where he found this shirt? 
 The course in Salta went well also and more friends were made. 

 Finally we made it to Jujuy. I have always been intrigued by this place. I always see it on the earthquake maps. We did not have any while we were there. it was a lovely place. 
 After two weeks of training and traveling everyone is ready to be finished. Her are two fun ladies. Ladee is rubbing Robins shoulders. We spend a lot of town sitting in front of paper work and computers. We had one of the best laughs of my life this day. I think we were all tired and kind of rummy. Any way we laughed until we had tears running down our faces and I cannot even remember what was so funny. Fun day!
 Fortunato Perez has been traveling with us now for 9 years. We love him and all that we travel and teach with. 
 The Raymond's are from Idaho. They are serving their mission in Buenos Aires. They helped us travel around Argentina. 
 It is spring in Argentina and this tree was in full bloom. Here are the ladies of our group. 
 Jeff and Mary and the Ashton's below. We meet some of the nicest people on these trips. 

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