Sunday, October 27, 2013

Paraguay NRT and a little bit of fun.

 We taught two courses in Paraguay. The first in Asuncion and the next one in Ciudad del Este. The weather was good, not too hot. We had a good response from the participants. We did get to do a few fun things. We also had a seven hour drive between the two cities. We taught in the Chapel right next to the Temple in Asuncion. 
 One of our friends for the last 9 years in Javier Vitale. We stopped int he Temple where he was working and had a little visit with him. So fun to see our South American friends. Jerry Twiggs was with us also. 

 We get to meet and work with such great people. Bill and Robin Ashton were with us the whole two weeks. We had a lot of fun. 

 Jeff loves the Itaipu dam. We went to see it at night. We got to kill a couple of hours waiting for the bus out to it. It is on the Brazil/Paraguay border so you ride into Brazil to see it. It is an amazing site. 

 On Saturday after teaching two courses we headed to Iguassu Falls. We crossed on a ferry from Paraguay to Argentina. At this corner you see Brazil on the left, Argentina to the right and we are standing in Paraguay. 

 These naughty creatures are everywhere. Climbing up on the tables are their favorite pastime, eating food off of them. BLEH!
 This is a pile of butterflies. There are millions of them everywhere. 
 The Iguassu Falls are amazing. My camera was off on settings so the pictures did not turn out very good. 

 We drove to Posadas Argentina and spent the night. It was Mothers Day in Argentina so we stopped and had a nice dinner. They had live music. The grill was really big and they served it nonstop on large skewers. It was a meat fest. 

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