Sunday, November 10, 2013

Random things in November

 In Pumarmarca Argentina we went to dinner and listened to local musicians sing Argentine music. It was fun to hear our Argentine friends sing along with them. 
 We arrived in Salt Lake City tired and ready to be home. We saw this kid racing around the airport with his car sear strapped to his back. It was a funny site and made us laugh. 
 At the check in counter in Buenos Aires we saw this guy and though he looked a lot like Todd. I snuck the picture of him with my phone. Maybe I can be a spy in my next career. 
 I have mentioned in the past I collect screen savers. When I walk at 5 or 6 am I see and hear a lot of owls but unfortunately in the dark cannot get a photo of them. So here is an owl screen saver. 
 Another fun screen saver. 
Driving by the temple I noticed these men up on the top of it on ladders and little ledges. It made me nervous to see them up there. 

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