Friday, April 19, 2013

We gave up on TV then discovered PBS and The History Channel

We spent this winter watching a lot of TV shows. They were all great series. Some we had to play catch up on and spent hours on some evenings doing that. Here they are. A few did not make this post. Jeff has a string of them he watches that do not have much appeal to me including Storage Wars. 
 We loved The Bible. I learned a lot by watching it. Not that the show taught me but because I studied after each episode the things I saw in each show. I thought it was perfectly cast. 
 Call the Midwife is one of the sweetest shows I have ever seen. Love it! 

 Downton Abbey is what brought us back to TV. Three seasons kept us occupied most of the winter. 

 Dr. Who...the quirky show that has been on air for 25 years in the UK. 

Duck Dynasty. Surely we can come up with a reality show of our own. 

Why do we like all of these shows? They all have a good message in them. No violence, no guns, no swearing. They portray the world in a good way. Just when we gave up on the TV we found PBS and the History Channel. 

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Garden of Egan said...

I finally got Lynsey hooked on Downton. Watched the whole 3 seasons over the weekend.

I haven't seen Duck Dynasty. Not sure if I care about it though.

The Bible looks like it would be good.

Looks like you had a blast in St G.
For some reason I just don't see Jeff as a crazy RZR guy. He seems to mellow.