Sunday, April 28, 2013

April is going going gone...

April despite Rexburg's nasty spring weather was fun. We went to a Birthday party for Jerry. Good food and company made for a great evening. 
Bought a couple of new fish for the tank. They look like eels but they really are fish. 
 Jeff has spent the cold windy evenings in the garage tinkering on the RZR. Getting it ready for when the weather gets nice. 
 Finally a reasonable day came this Saturday. We loaded up with  a group and went out to the Birch Creek area. We went up a couple of places finally settling on Skull Canyon. 

 We are loners in all the groups we go with. They do not believe in helmets. We do and always wear them. Jeff also added 5 point harnesses. The seat belts seemed a little flimsy. 
 There is still snow in the mountains but we did not have trouble driving over it. 

 Up near the top of the mountain we stopped and had a hot dog roast. 

 There are lots of places we would like to explore and can't wait to go out again. Jeff is a good driver. We have been up some pretty steep trails. 

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