Monday, April 08, 2013

RZR or should I say ZRZR?

Last summer we bought the RZR. We finally got to take it out for a real RZR trip. I mean real trip with lots of friends and lots of fun trails, dunes and hills to climb. We had a blast. The weather did not start out too great. We hit a major rain storm on the drive to St. George. Unfortunately we had to stop and buy a new roof for the RZR because the original one blew off about Idaho Falls. 
That Jeff has had so much fun tinkering on his RZR. 
Of course being the safety nuts that we are we deck ourselves out in safety gear. As Jeff says, "If you have a ten dollar head buy a ten dollar helmet". 
 So off we all rode into the Sandy Hollow trails. It was fun to tackle the steep trails to tops of mountains and the sand dunes. We had about 6 motorcycles with us and it was fun to watch them take on the steep hills. The people are all watching the motorcycles make the run up the steep hill. It also where we ate our lunches. 

 A fun group!

 We did some dune riding and got very dirty. 

We had fabulous accommodations. David and Charlene just bought a beautiful new home in St. George. They let us stay with them. On the second day we golfed. The weather was perfect. 80 degrees with a little breeze. We had a great day. 

 Another day of RZR riding. This time we drove down to Logandale Nevada. The trails were great and had so many fun things to do. Spent the whole day out there.
 The wildflowers were in bloom. There were masses of them. You could even smell them as you rode by. Purple, white, hot pink, orange and yellow ones. 
 We all hiked up to see the petroglyphs. There are lots of them in the area. 
 Here is our group of riders. 

 We were eating lunch under a rock for shade. I looked up and discovered the wall was covered with petroglyphs. 

 We sat and watched the bikers go up this sandy trail. It is actually very steep. The RZR's were not able to make it up. 

 At night David and Jeff worked on fixing the RZR's up. Guys and their toys. 

 Can't wait to go again! 

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barbchuck said...

Isn't it just amazing how every sport has its special fashionable attire. Mary, I'm surprised you aren't decked out in neon stretch spandex! This looks like a fun group. Ahh, to be young again!!!