Sunday, March 17, 2013

Warm sunshiny break from winter.

 It has been a long cold winter. It was time for a trip to a warmer climate. A quick plane ride to Las Vegas and we got to see the Beatles Love Show. Good friends accompanied us, the Websters and the Hanks. We had a great time. 

Chocolate in syringes. Now that is a good idea. 
 Monday found us driving across the desert to Palm Desert. Jeff took the opportunity to drive Steve's Porsche. He did behave I can report. 
 A massive wind farm near Palm Springs.
 Tuesday was for golfing and tennis. The weather was perfect and we were very happy to be in the sun and warm weather. 

 The Indian Wells golf course was gorgeous. There were lots of sand traps and water features. 

The boys....Steve, Jeff and Bart.
We walked a lot on this trip. The trees were loaded with fruit. 

 We all split up into two groups and went to a tennis match. Some of the best players in the world were there. I loved watching it. 
 The pools and hot tub were well used while we stayed at Hank's home. So lovely. 

 And of course we ate. We ate a lot of fabulous foods. The rest in the group had to have In and Out Burgers a couple of times. I settled for grilled cheese. Jeff tried to convince everyone that I actually had a hamburger. Nope! I will never eat a hamburger. 

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