Sunday, February 17, 2013

A fun Saturday ride!

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to go for a little ride. The sun was shining and we wanted to do something different. We headed towards Driggs. I really wanted to see some moose. There are moose everywhere here but they have not crossed my path lately. As we drove along I saw this huge bird in a tree by the side of the road. We turned around to check it out. 


The bird took flight while I was taking pictures of it. It is very beautiful. It flew away and joined another one that looked just like it in a tree. 

 The Tetons were partially hidden in a cloud but it was an interesting view of the Grand Teton in between clouds. 
 We drove around in the back roads east of Driggs. We saw some great things including some good places to go on the RZR this summer. Cannot wait. We found this building with a Church sign on it. There is a cute beehive surrounding it. We could not decide if it is really a Church or now a house. 

 Of course lunch at one of our favorite places, The Warbirds. 
 Table Rock stood out today. You can see the table way up there just under the clouds. 
 We found this old cabin with an out house, not sure if this cabin is inhabited. 
On the way home we passed the house of Wescott's that burnt down this winter. Very sad to see that nothing is left of it. 
We are getting cabin fever and ready for spring to start showing up. Guess we have a little while until that happens. 

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Beth said...

Sounds like a great ride for a Saturday.