Thursday, February 07, 2013

Birthdays and Baptisms

 We are back from Hawaii and unfortunately it is still winter here. I am ready for it to be over. 
 My blog is printed for 2012. Six years done! Love looking back through them. 
 Ana and Lily have some amazing hats. 
 Here are a couple of my iPhone screen savers. I love them. I collect them.

 Here is a random winter shot. Poor BYUI students. 
 Somewhere along the way little Lil grew up. 
 Edie was baptized. She is such a cutie pie. 
 Jeff did some serious shoveling. I finally convinced him to get a plow for the RZR. Now we need it to snow again. 
 There was a lot of family that showed up in Boise for the baptism. We had a blast. We went bowling, ate pizza and got to visit with everyone. Mitch and Leslie have a lot of parents!

It was also Christian's 14th birthday. He tried to light his candles but Jake blew them out as fast as Christian could light them. 

 Rachel and the girls came back home with us from Boise. We went one night to Sammy's to eat dinner. The poor guy working there was on his own. Taking orders, answering the phone, taking money and cooking all of the food. He did a pretty good job considering about 20 people came in. 

 Leslie and fam came for a night on their way to Grand Targhee. We had a fun night and morning. The girls are growing up so fast. 

These stairs have seen a lot over the years. These Mom's were once the ages of their daughters in this house. They posed on the stairs for weddings, and prom dates. I remember running behind Leslie finishing her prom dress, sewing on a hook as the doorbell was ringing. I also remember running down the stairs in the dark one early morning midwinter to go walking. I missed the bottom two stairs and crashed and burned at the bottom. 

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Garden of Egan said...

Rachels girls have grown!

Love the pictures. Very random.
Love it.

You have been busy.
Sorry you are back from Hawaii. But it was really warm today, what was it 38?