Sunday, January 27, 2013

Taking it easy on Kauai 2012

Some days we would head out in the van. Six of us. Jeff was our chauffeur. He is handy to have around. 
This day we headed up to Waimea Canyon. It is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.

Of course the snack stop for fresh fruits. 
I think everyone was happy to get out of the van after the long windy road up the canyon. 
 Websters and Hanks joined us this year. We had a blast. 

 Up to the lookout over the Na Pali coast. It was clouded in but we patiently waited until it cleared. 

 There are waterfalls everywhere. 
 We made it back down and headed for food. Jo Jo's claims to have the best shaved ice on the island. Not sure if it is true but by the looks of years of spilled shaved ice on the pavement they might be right. 

 The best thing in Hawaii is relaxing. By the beach. I take my camera and caught these long board surfers watching the whales jumping. 

 Sunsets are beautiful here and everyone comes out to watch them. I even saw the fabled green flash this time. 

Next we did a Na Pali coast boat tour. It was a five hour boat ride. 4 hours and 55 minutes too long for Jeff. He was not enjoying the boat ride. 
 Bart was having a great time however. 
 So was Joanne.
 Jeff and his little white bucket were fast friends. 

 We discovered the best macaroons we had ever had. We bought this whole pan straight out of the oven. So heavenly. 
I love the weather and this weather station is so fun. Pretty accurate too. 

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Garden of Egan said...

Great pictures!!!
I bet you wish you were there again!!!!