Tuesday, January 22, 2013

California (cold California)

 On our way to Kauai we stopped for a night in California to see Rachel and company. We were thinking warm at last. It was not to be. We nearly froze in California. It was a good time to be gone from the Burrgggg. It was -20 at night the whole time we were gone. Rachel has beautiful plants growing right outside of her front door. We went to a second hand store that is often featured on Jeff's favorite show...Storage Wars. 
 Rachel, Ana and Lily took us to see some sights. We went to the Getty Museum. Froze! Next to see the Endeavor in it's final resting place. So fun to see it. 
 The tiles covering it look very flimsy. 

 Jeff had a great time looking over the famous Endeavor. 

Next we looked around the Science Center. Lily and I tried our hand at doing a newscast. 
 The next day Rachel shuttled us to the airport for our trip to Kauai. Heaven. We sat on a bench waiting  for friends to arrive on other flights. No complaints. That bench was in warm sunny Hawaii. 

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barbchuck said...

What a fun day you all spent! I have always wanted to visit the Getty. How wonderful it must have been to actually see and touch the Endeavor! Rachel and girls are beautiful, as always . . . and so are YOU!