Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 seems like it was a year ago. Oh ya it was!

 My beautiful new purse from some of the kids. I love it. One of Leslie's friends makes them. Velvet Pepper is the brand. 
 Had to go into Ace Hardware this week and I saw this display of Pinewood Derby supplies. How would that have been when Andy was needing Pinewood cars?
We had a very very quiet Christmas. In fact we spent Christmas Day on the couch sick. Finally the Baldwins came to stay for a couple of days. Grant is driving now. How did that happen? So another year came to an end. How quickly they fly by. So onto 2013. I am expecting lots of fun times with friends and family. 

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Garden of Egan said...

I do love that purse.
Looks like you had an enjoyable Christmas.

How is Hawaii.
Sorry you aren't here to enjoy the freeeeezzzzzing cold weather.