Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thanksgiving and onward to Christmas

 For Thanksgiving this year we stayed home. I cooked for the first time in years. The Clark clan came and spent the week with us. We had a great time. Note to self...stock up on black olives with these kids. 

 Guess who came to dinner???
And of course the dressing up of the Bears. 

 Just a couple of days later we drove to Boise for some meetings. After that we spent the weekend with the Boiseans. They took us to a fabulous place called Barbacoa. They made guacamole at the table. 
 My sea bass dinner was yummy. The steaks were brought on hot rocks and flamed right at the table. Lynne and I sat by the fire which did not roast us out luckily. 

 Saturday included Isaac's basketball game. Mitch put on the feed and made smoked pork and chicken. What a guy. 

 The men spent the day at the movies and checking out silly things on their iPhones. The girls went shopping. No time for photos. It wa serious shopping. 
 I love Christmas trees. 
 I finally finished a quilt I have been working on for years. Now it heads off to be machine quilted. 

 For the Rexburg Medical Center staff meeting we made the lunch (for 45). That Jeff is a great cook. He made with my help chili and chocolate cake. We made two of them and there was none left to bring home. 

We renamed this guy. His name is now Wreck it Ralph. 

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