Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas season is upon us!

Christmas comes to life when the Tabernacle Choir does their annual Christmas Concert for me. We get to go every year. This year was as good as always. Tom Brokaw narrated and Alfie Boe sang. 
Tom Brokaw told the story of a young pilot who would drop candy in little parachutes to children during the war. Suddenly hundreds of little parachutes fell from the ceiling onto the audience. 
Then the pilot who lives in Salt Lake City walked out onto the stage. It was such a fun program.  
 Alfie Boe sang Christmas Carols in a beautiful tenor voice. 
 Rachel and company made an unexpected visit to Salt Lake for Todd's mothers funeral so we made another trip to Salt Lake to see them. Ana and Lily are growing up so fast. 

 We made a trip to Boise and got to fit in a basket ball game with Ike.
 Mitch made ribs for the whole Boise crowd. 
 The guys were fascinated sharing guy things on their iPhone. 
 This is Jake aka Wreck it Ralph. 

 I finally finished my sampler quilt that I started years ago. Now I need to find a machine quilter. 
 Nemo got a bunch of new blue friends. He was happy. 
 While in Salt Lake we drove up to the house I lived in so many years ago in Bountiful. It was a fun house. 
 December weather in Salt Lake is behind. However the flowers are beautiful. 
 We celebrated Lauren's birthday with the boys. It has been a whirlwind of a month. Christmas Eve is upon us tomorrow. 

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