Thursday, October 11, 2012

Peru HBB training in Tumbes Peru

This is our first time we did HBB training. HBB stands for Helping Babies Breathe. We have taught other Neonatal courses many times. This is a new program from the AAP. 
The mannequins are new, they are filled with water (or air) and have a realistic feel. It takes a bit of time to fill 20 of them for the course. 

Instead of power point presentations flip charts are used. It is a better way of teaching the skills to the participants. There is lots of interaction. 
Lunch was catered and pretty tasty. 
At night we had to put the mannequins in a locked store room. Can you imagine if some little girls found this stash???
Here is the traditional picture of the participants and instructors. A happy group. 
Dr. Alfonso Parra and Dr. Jaimie Joo. They are two Peruvian Doctors who we love traveling and working with. They are great men. 
During some down time I taught Sister Georgina Joo how to play Angry Birds. Isn't she cute? 
Jeff presented the Ministry of Health with a beautiful picture of a newborn infant. 

The hallway in the Hotel was kind of psychedelic. We are heavy on luggage when we travel. Takes a team to move it all. 

The airport was a pretty tiny one. The area made me think of what I picture Africa looking like. 

We walked down to the river to have a look. There were lots of bugs and bug bites. It did not feel very safe although their were lots of armed police around. Tumbes was a quick stop for us and we did not get to see much. They did have a nice central park that we walked through. I was tired from my trip to Dad's and was ready for bed early at night. We get up by 5 or 6 every morning to get ready to teach. 
We had a really nice meal in a a fish restaurant. Karen had a whole fish on her plate. She even ate it. 

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Garden of Egan said...

That looks like an interesting trip. How long have you been teaching it that way.

You guys never slow down do you?