Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Dad had his heart fixed!

The turkeys greeted us as usual. 
 Life was very busy, then I got the word that my Dad was having open heart surgery. Beth and I decided that we needed to be there during the surgery and after. We came up with a plan. We flew out on Wednesday, the day before he went to surgery to repair his aortic valve and do some bypasses. 
 Barb is a great lady but we were a little surprised that we had to teach her how to boil an egg. But she was a very cute student. Dad has done all the cooking so we needed to teach her some cooking skills. 
 We all got up at 3:30 am to take Dad into Stockton for his surgery. 

 Here he is the day after surgery. It was amazing to see him up and smiling. This is the bear they gave him to hold on his chest when he needed to cough. 
 No rest after surgery, they get you up and walking within hours. 
I watched him go for his first walk and then made a dash for the airport. The next morning is our flight to Peru. I packed for both trips prior to flying to California. It was funny when I posted about my Dad on FaceBook. People thought that it was Jeff. 

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