Sunday, October 14, 2012

On to Moquegua Peru

After teaching in Tumbes Peru we flew on to Moquegua which is on the opposite end of the country. We flew into the driest desert area in the world. It was a bit of a shock getting off of the plane. We landed in Tacna and then drove about 4 hours to our destination. There were poor and less poor areas of town. 

 A mosque in Tacna Peru.
 This man is walking across the desert to get water. Those are homes in the back ground. 
 Every one was pretty tired and slept all except for me. I cannot stand to miss a minute of the views passing by the windows. 

 At last we came to some green places. 
 The view of Moquegua from the Hotel balcony was of the whole city. 
 Here is a little guy known in Peru as Cuy (Guinea Pig) which is the "national food". 
 Back to teaching Helping Babies Breathe with Jeff above and Jenny Smoot below. 

 Karen Cardoza and Jaimie Joo above. 

 Jeff doing a lecture with bear pictures added in. They are always a hit. 
 Here I am carrying all the little baby mannequins back to the tables. What a talented girl I am. 
 Closing ceremonies are always a fun time for all. 

Our little team: Dr. Alfonso Parra, Jenny Smoot, Karen Cardoza, Mary, Jeff, Dr. Jaimie Joo, Hector who was a great assistant. 
 We were able to do a little looking around. We went to the top of the mountain and saw a lovely park at sunset. There was a beautiful view of the city. 

 The park in the center of town was beautiful and we walked through it every night. 

The traditional dress for the women was quite lovely. All of their skirts were sparkly. 

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