Sunday, October 14, 2012

And back to California

We arrived from Peru in the evening on Sunday and I repacked to fly back to California on Monday. The plan was for Beth to fly back home about the time I flew in. Barb had a couple of hours wait in between our flights. She was not at the airport when I arrived but came in a few minutes after I got my bags. She was flustered and said that Dad was en route to the ER via ambulance and she had been lost. She accidentally set her GPS to San Francisco International instead of Sacramento. What a start. We promptly got lost again and it took us nearly two hours to get to the Hospital to see Dad. They kept him overnight and decided he now had Atrial Fibrillation. We went the next morning to get him, I waited with him and Barb went to run errands. He had a visitor. The visiting dog. He looked more like a bear (the dog, not my Dad). Anyway when Barb got back she was all upset as she had wrecked the new car.  It was a real adventure with these two. Anyway we got him home and things started looking up. 

 They live in a beautiful area. Lots of wild life roams through the yard. Deer, coyote, turkeys, hawks, vultures, raccoons, all kinds of birds. 
 Then there is Cognac the dog. He gets to go on great walks everyday. 
 Here is a little tour around my Dad's yard. He has spent years building decks, multiple levels of decks, a shed and nice little ponds. 
 The river runs through the bottom of his property. 
 This deck seen from below it and above looks out over the river. 

 The deck on the back of the house has several areas and levels. They grow beautiful flowers. 

 Dad has an herb garden that he snips from every day to cook with. 
 Here is a neat little pond (Just ask the raccoons who love to invade it). He has fish and lily pads. 

 The deer love to get into his flower gardens. Naughty deer. 

My week passed by fast. We went a couple of days to Dr. appointments. It took most of the day as we had to go into Stockton. He was doing pretty good and getting around better everyday. Even though he was just out of heart surgery he made dinner everyday. Good dinner besides. We had a great time together including watching the Presidential debate. They are serious Democrats. They even watch MSNBC. But we all behaved and came out of the night still on good terms. 
I flew home on Sunday night and hurried to repack for my next portion of this wild and crazy month. 

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