Sunday, August 05, 2012

I just love summers!

 We have had so much fun so far this summer. Nonstop in fact. Andy and company came. Jake had a great time. He found the old dance clothes and tried some on. 
 We have a lot of critters in the yard. One of our squirrels stopped by to say hi.
 My walking buddies. I am a walking fool this summer. I try to do 10 miles a day. 
Karie, Linda, Mary, Cindy and Shelly. Mornings are so beautiful here in the summer. 
 Jeff has had his eye on a RZR for a couple of summers now, so we took the plunge. We went down and test drove them. 
 Jeff driving his new RZR home. Unfortunately it died and as of this writing it is still not in his possession. He has been pretty sad about it. 
 Every Thursday this summer we go up to Heise and golf. It is so nice there. We usually have the whole place to ourselves. After we golf we have pizza and salad at the Heise Pizza place. Yummy. Last week a herd (if there is such a thing) of moose tore the course up. Kind of interesting to line up your shot based on the moose tracks all over the place. 
 This is what you get to see when you are up and about at 6:30 in the morning. 
Jeff looking at the RZR's that others are riding in Island Park. His is still in the shop. He still has not been able to ride his. 

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