Sunday, August 05, 2012

Feigleson kids just wanna have fun!

Beth my sister hanging out on my front porch. I have a really nice front porch and a really nice sister so it is a good combination. 

 For the first time in our lives we decided to have a get together with my siblings. OK, I decided we would have a get together. You  know the big bossy sister. So we did it. Beth (my only sister) and Gary, Pat (baby brother) and Jennifer came. Mike (the other brother) could not come as he works for ESPN and had to be in San Diego (so he tells us).

On  Friday Jeff and I with Beth and Gary went to the Bar J dinner show. We stopped on the way at the War Birds Cafe in Driggs. One of my favorite places to go sit outside on an active runway and eat lunch. We watched John Huntsman's private jet land just a couple of feet from us.

 Saturday we started out lazy, actually sharing Pinterest ideas amongst the girls. Then we headed up to Island Park to rent a raft. They haul you up to Big Springs and set you loose on the river with a couple of oars. Fortunately they had me the bossy sister to give directions.

 Pat and Jen took the front of the raft. 
 The rest of us took the rear and just let Pat do all of the work. 

 Just kidding about Pat doing all of the work. 

 And here is Pat pulling the raft off of a sand bar. Of course we all sat in the raft shouting directions to him. He took it all so well.

 Gary and Mary decided that he might need some help. Actually just getting out of the raft was a lot of help for getting off of the sand bar.

 It was a perfect day on the river. It takes about two hours to float down to Mack's Inn. 

 We slowly floated by a lot of cabins that we all wished we were staying in. 

 After the big float adventure we reassembled at my house for dinner. Jeff has a Big Green Egg that he loves to cook in. He makes some really great meals in his Big Green Egg.
He made steaks and salmon. I got out my Pinterest recipes and we had some fab side dishes. Roasted potatoes and baked Parmesan tomatoes. Chuck's salad (Yummy) represented my Dad at the party. So the first annual Feigleson get together was a lot of fun. Nobody had any fights or issues. We laughed and ate and shared the expenses and responsibilities just like big grown ups do. 


Beth said...

This was a really fun weekend. A BIG THANK YOU to Mary and Jeff for opening their beautiful home to all of us. The hospitality, the meals, the story telling and reminiscing of the good old days made for a perfect weekend. The only thing missing was Mike and Julie and of course the man who started it all 56 years ago our "Daddy" and Barb.
Love all of you, let's start the planning for 2013. Throw out some ideas.

barbchuck said...

Sounds like an exciting event. Hope to join in the next one.


barbchuck said...

Mary, you are quite the party planner! What a fun-packed weekend you all had! The river raft trip sounded heavenly - lots of time to talk and relax. Any exciting wildlife? How did you ever manage to run up on a sand bar? We love the couple pics, and your dinner sounds delicious! We were both so sad that we weren't there to share all of this with you. Next year we hope we can do it, for sure!