Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer wildlife in Rexburg

Everyday this summer I have watched for wildlife in or near my yard. Lots of sightings so far. 
We have squirrels.  I always wonder where they live. They leap from tree to tree. 
Moose in Rexburg have been plentiful. I heard it is because of the hot summer. 
There is a family of cotton tail bunnies. Every time I go outside I see them. The grand kids have had fun chasing them around. 
Fox I have never seen before this year. I saw one just in front of the Temple a couple of weeks ago. 
Woodpeckers frequent my roof. They make a racket. We are not sure how to get rid of them. 
 There are owls. I love it when I get to see or hear one. 
The neighbors have bee hives, I have a little pond. Their bees come to drink from my pond. You can sit and watch the "bee line". They have a two way highway from their hive to my water. They never bother us. They are fun to watch. 
They have seen deer in our neighborhood this week but I have not seen one yet. I will be on the watch. 


barbchuck said...

great post mary. to see deer come and visit.

Beth said...

Did you make all those critters pose for you? Those are awesome pictures. You should apply to National Geographic. Awesome!